Two extraordinary child prodigies

Amal Chatterjee
3 min readFeb 10, 2018

Synopsis : This blog is about two extraordinary child prodigies who are already famous and are well on their way to greater acclaim worldwide.

I published earlier a blog called A child prodigy called Antara from India whom you liked so much. Today I will tell you about two incredible child prodigies who barely need an introduction because they are becoming so famous on their own. I want you to appreciate their talent at such a young age and wonder what they will be like when they are much older.

Many world famous artists, pianists, vocal artists and others had their talents expressed when they were very young and went on to capture the hearts of millions because of their extraordinary talents.

Today I will present to you in this blog two such extraordinary child prodigies who are making a name for themselves as you will see here.

1. The first on my list is a child of 12 years of age called Amira Willighagen who is from Netherland

Source : Facebook

12-year-old sings song with famous singer. He drops to his knees when he hears her voice

Amira Willighagen was a 9-year-old who taught herself to sing by watching some YouTube videos. Yet, the self-taught soprano used her passion for opera to get her an audition on Holland’s Got Talent in 2013.

Her jaw-dropping performance of “O Mio Babbino Caro” completely stunned the show’s judges, as well as the audience, and earned her a “Golden Ticket” to advance to the show’s final round.

The young Dutch singer went on to win the entire competition with 50% of the viewer’s vote.

Amira’s talents allowed her to grow her career and launched her into stardom. She recorded her own album titled Amira in February 2014 and went on to get more than 36 million views on YouTube in June 2015.

According to Wikipedia, half of the revenue sales from her album go toward her charity that builds playgrounds for needy children.

Amira’s impressive opera singing brought on invitations to perform with world-renowned musicians, including Neapolitan-Austrian singer Patrizio Buanne. You can see why she’s quickly rose to fame in the video below of her performance of “O Sole Mio” with Buanne during the Classics is Groot concert held in South Africa last summer.

She is a true talent with skills that would make you think she’s been a trained performer for years!

Here is the link to her incredible video where she sings O sole mio with Patrizio Buanne.…/

2. The second on my list of incredible child prodigy is a child of only three years who plays Beethoven like no one you have ever seen at that young age. She is Chinese and unfortunately I do not know her name but she will definitely win your heart and one day will become a world famous pianist in her own right.

Here is the link to the video

Note : To see the video ,highlight the link and right click then go to the link.

Both are extremely talented and have excelled due to the support they have received from their parents and loved ones which goes to show how the parents can help a child reach her potential. Many parents show false pride in promoting their children who are not born with talents but there are those who can see the uncut diamonds and see instinctively what the polished gem would look like someday.