Why I love India as told by Karolina

Amal Chatterjee
3 min readAug 5, 2018

Source : Google photo of Karolina Goswami

Synopsis : India is a world unto itself .There is always something new and exciting about a vast country like India that the world knows little about . Karolina Goswami , a native of Poland will take you on a tour of India like only she can and explain in the four videos presented here various interesting topics.

  1. In this video Karolina Goswami explains what is beautiful about India.

Link : Why I love India

Link :https://youtu.be/aV_9fd-XZCs

2 .In this video she explains the role the non residents Indians play in other countries.

Link : Indian diaspora helping other countries


3. In this video Karolina talks about the health and medical coverage in India and how India takes care of sick and the poor in the most wonderful way.

Link : How India cares for its sick and poor


4. In this video she talks about the future of Indian economy

Link : Future of Indian economy


Karolina Goswami is a phenomenon by herself who has taken the task of educating the world about India in a most beautiful, cogent and impressive way with her detailed facts based and insightful videos in her charming and beautiful way in her lilting accent. It does not hurt that she is so pretty but she is very direct and does not mince her words.

She has won the hearts of millions around the world who are eager for her presentations on numerous subjects in India. She encourages all of you readers to share her videos to educate others about an Incredible country called India.

I have written numerous blogs on India and its personalities , its heroes and its history but no one can come near Karolina when it comes to presenting the truth about a greatly misunderstood country called India thanks to the negative international press that spreads disinformation and passes it on as the truth.

I present a few of her numerous videos here so that you readers will get to know India that is modernizing fast and is on her way to be the dominant economy in the near future. India is not just a beautiful country with endless possibilities but it is much more than that you will learn from her videos. Share her videos with people who want to know about India and see for the first time what an incredible country India really is.

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