What is mental telepathy?

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Synopsis : The subject of mental telepathy is of great interest so it is discussed here and an effort is made to try to understand what it means. Numerous examples are given to show that it exists although not very well understood.

I have often thought about this subject. Yesterday I wrote a blog called “Adoption is an act of altruism”. It is about a couple who had a child born with defects that ultimately killed her at the age of ten so I encouraged them to adopt a child. They found such a child in a hospital where her mother had abandoned her and fled.

Today I received an e mail from that child who is now almost ten years old and calls me grandpa saying that she has passed her exams with very good grades. I was stunned. Was it a coincidence that she wrote to me soon after I published a blog in which I wrote about her?

Is this what some people call mental telepathy? Has it ever happened to you that you have been thinking about a person and the very next day that person shows up out of the blue? Has it ever happened to you that you were thinking about a person thousands of miles away and all of a sudden an e mail arrives from that very person who normally does not write often?

I know that identical twins have the power to feel each other’s feelings from a distance and if one gets sick, the other also gets sick although I have a friend who has an identical twin brother and both were into all kinds of mischief. If one got sick, the other went to the doctor to get a medical certificate in his name because the doctor could not tell who was who.

Levity apart, I would like to write about this topic because it is of great interest to many of you who may have had similar experiences.

There is a case where an animal lover who spent his lifetime in Africa rescuing orphaned elephants whose mothers were killed by poachers was dying. He raised the baby elephants with love and compassion and released them into the wilderness when they were ready to be on their own. We all know that the elephants are extremely intelligent animals that show a wide range of emotions and have incredible memory. We also know that they can communicate with other elephants using ultrasound over vast distances. Whales and dolphins are also known to communicate with each other over vast distances using ultrasound.

What was surprising was that the herd of elephants came to the bed side of the dying man and stood there silently mourning his last few hours on earth and still they stayed touching his body with their sensitive trunks and paid tribute. They had not forgotten him and his benevolence and had traveled no one knows from what distance to be at his bed side. How did they know he was dying? This is a true story.

We often wonder about the power of our brain that communicates with neurons using electricity. Certain parts of our brain show this electrical activity depending on what we are feeling or thinking but it is still a mystery how complex our brain is and how it communicates.

If our brain uses electricity which is a form of energy then is it also possible that our brain can communicate over vast distance with other brains using some other form of energy like radio waves? Is that what is called telepathy?

There are some people who can move objects by just using their brain power called telekinetic that is quite astounding while others know exactly what you are thinking.

Shri Rama Krishna Dev had such powers. One day he was praying while his benefactor the Queen Rashmoni Devi was sitting nearby also in meditation. All of a sudden Shri Rama Krishna Dev said “ stop thinking about your worldly affairs and concentrate on God”. She was very surprised because she was thinking of her possessions and other matters. But Rama Krishna Dev was a spiritual person who had attained a high level of spirituality and was called a saint.

Ordinary folks may not have the level of such spirituality but they too have the brain power to do things seemingly impossible to understand. How many times you have a premonition about certain things and it turns out that you are right? What is a premonition? It is your brain that is telling you or warning you that something bad may happen.

A young girl one day insisted that her brother wear a silk lined jacket so he put it on and went out. He was robbed in a dark alley and the assailants tried to stab him several times but failed each time because of the silk lining of the jacket he was reluctant to wear that day. What made the young girl insist? Was it a premonition?

There are numerous examples of the power of the brain that until now is not very well understood although science has made progress in deciphering some of the secret of the brain.

My subject today is telepathy which is also not understood very well but we are very interested to know if telepathy is real and how people can send a mental message to someone over a great distance.

I wrote about a religious man in my home town who had the ability to know what was happening to me in Vietnam during the fighting in Saigon in February of 1968. He correctly said that I was with two Americans and I was in no danger but how did he know that?

We read a great deal about how the Aliens communicate among themselves and can read thoughts. The American researchers are working hard on developing an artificial intelligence (AI) based program that will eventually read the thoughts of anyone so they can use it for intelligence gathering. As I wrote earlier, the brain gives out electrical signals of various kinds when it is active and thinking about any specific subject. These signals can apparently now be monitored and deciphered to know what the person is thinking about. This sort of computer based program has wide implications so nothing may remain private, even your thoughts in the future.

We are already being eavesdropped by the governments that read our e mail, monitor our phone conversations, know our address, location and even the passwords. They use facial recognition cameras to identify practically anyone any time except that real crooks are always a few steps ahead of them and make mischief.

There is no question that mass surveillance is now a fact of life. They know where you go, how much money you spend using your credit card and what you buy where and at what time. They know your eating habits, reading habits, what kind of car you drive etc. What they show daily in the TV shows is not just fantasy but very real.

The only privacy left to us is what we have in our brain but even that is under threat with the development of programs using AI so what we will be left with?

I can see some benefits of surveillance to ferret out bad people before they make a move to blow themselves up but the terrorists are determined so crimes like in Manchester, Paris or elsewhere will happen. The mass surveillance over billions of common people just to find a few bad people is perhaps not warranted and should be condemned. It is our personal freedom that is at stake here that is being taken away systematically in the name of finding a few bad people. Mostly they fail anyway to prevent wrongdoers but take away our privacy in the process.

I am therefore concerned that our last bastion of privacy that is our brain should be safeguarded from prying eyes. People who can read my mind have the power over me that can be very unsettling. As if I stand naked in front of them and bare all my thoughts.

If our brain can show us how to safeguard our privacy, that will be a good thing. I know that some people go overboard when they write about things in their facebook page or other social media that should remain unsaid so they do not know when to stop.

The scientists say that our brain can remain sharp by constantly honing it the way you sharpen a dull knife. This can be done by reading, by doing cross word puzzles, by debating, by doing difficult cognitive tasks like remembering, by analysis, by doing complex mathematics, by writing and by thinking about a subject deeply.

When the plaques start forming that prevent the neurons to communicate between them then you have what the doctors call Alzheimer’s disease but it is not common so most people are not affected. My mother was sharp at her age of 92 when she died.

The ability of some people who can communicate telepathically over vast distance is little understood. Perhaps that is how the dying man communicated with the elephants who came to pay him tribute.

We know that a child’s brain makes neuron connections at a faster rate than an adult because the size of the brain grows as the child grows but reaches its apex at a certain age. It is also known that a child can see, feel and sense a whole lot of things about any person a lot quicker than an adult. I knew of a child who kicked hard a person when that person came to the house because the child felt that the person was evil.

There is a scene in the Godfather movie where the child does not stop crying while the mafia people are killing each other somewhere. They cannot vocalize what they feel or see because of their age but their brain is active and can perhaps send or receive signals using telepathy.

One of the most remarkable thing about our brain is that we remember. How the memory is stored for a very long period of time in fine details is also a mystery. If I told you that I remember sucking my toe as a baby, you will probably not believe me but I do remember my first birthday in some detail that no one told me about. My Ma was very surprised and thought that it was unusual but she confirmed what I told her. Some people have astounding memory of their early life and retain everything like a photocopy in their brain.

Do such brains also communicate with others through some sort of signal of short wave frequency that can explain telepathy? We don’t know but I will be very curious to know the answer.



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