Please save the peacocks

Amal Chatterjee
4 min readSep 18, 2019

Source : Google photo of a peacock and peahen in India

During my recent visit to Lucknow in India I came to know about the struggle of peacocks to survive in the vicinity of the Rama Krishna Mission hospital where feral dogs and cats were attacking and killing the beautiful birds when they are young and most vulnerable.

It made me sad to think that such a beautiful bird that is the national bird of India and protected by law should face such dire situation and no protection is given them so I brought the matter to the attention of Swamijee who is the hospital administrator and a very kind man who could perhaps do something to protect the birds.

I suggested that perhaps the city government could be alerted so that they could eliminate the feral animals that pose such a grave threat to the peacocks and transfer some large birds and hens to the Rama Krishna Mission compound where they will be safe from the animals and roam happily in the large garden and breed. Some wooden boxes could be put up at the back of the garden where the peahens could lay their eggs and raise the chicks. They are very intelligent birds who would stay in the garden if they knew that they could get some food there like insects or kitchen scraps.

The peacocks are the most graceful and beautiful birds and can be found throughout India in urban and non urban areas but taking them for granted would be a big mistake unless they are protected in a meaningful way.

When I was a child, I saw dolphins playing in the river Yamuna in my hometown in large numbers and did not realize how precious they were and how rare but the fishermen did not think so and killed them for the oil they extracted from the animals so slowly they all disappeared from Yamuna. There was no law to protect them in those days as a newly independent India had other problems to grapple with.

So I was very happy to see a few dolphins swimming in the Ganga river near the ghats of Benares years later and thought that such marvelous animals could be re introduced in other rivers like Yamuna but some one has to take the initiative to do so before they become extinct. Due to our negligence and apathy we do lose many species this way and realize it only when it is too late.

The awareness that all animals and birds are precious and should be protected from harm has to be taught to children in schools so that they can grow up as responsible adults and become active in protecting the wildlife of India because it is a part of the national heritage and must not be allowed to disappear.

Recently I was told that the number of tigers in India has risen due to strict laws protecting them and punishing the poachers but they are a long way from total protection because the poachers are still active in certain parts. But when poachers are turned into conservationists, they see the benefits and protect the animals like what has been done in some African countries.

When you hear the call of peacocks in India, you right away know that you are in their home country where they roam freely and grace the parks and the forests but we all should be aware that they face dangers from feral animals and should be protected.

I am only a writer and have no persuasive power to make people do anything but if some people are inspired to take some positive actions to protect the peacocks, this blog will serve its purpose. The nation will be grateful for every peacock and peahen someone has saved from harm because the laws are meant to protect them from unscrupulous people but not the feral animals.

What we leave behind for the future generation to enjoy must count.

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