Mystery of the universe and aliens

Amal Chatterjee
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Synopsis : We are always mystified by what we do not know about the universe and its origin, about distant planets and the new ones that are forming so being curious we have put Hubble telescope in the space to see and observe our universe. We send space probes and satellites to take photos and beam them back to earth in real time. What we want to know most is if we are the only living beings or if there are others and where.

Mystery of the universe and aliens

Source : Google photo of UFO

When I was a child, I remember the night summer sky was so clear and free of pollution that we could see zillions of bright stars, milky ways and comets with long tail of space debris. We did not know much about the planets and various moons that circled them because my knowledge of celestial bodies was very limited at that age so I just marveled at the bright twinkling stars that covered the entire sky. Summer was the time when we slept on the flat roof of our house because it was cooler than the bed rooms below.

Now the times have changed .The sky is no longer so clear as it used to be thanks to the pollution and dust. You are lucky to see a few stars because no one sleeps on the roof there anymore and no one looks up. No one took any interest in stars so no one knew much about them. Astronomy was not taught in our schools although later a planetarium opened up in my home town to teach people about planets and stars. There is one in Kolkata that I have visited twice. Still the mystery of the universe fascinates me to no end.

We are told that there are trillions and trillions of stars and planets and numerous solar systems that some astronomers have detected using very powerful telescopes in many countries and continue to discover new ones daily. NASA has put up a very powerful telescope in the space itself called Hubble that it launched in 1990 that after having some initial technical glitches started sending back zillions of photos of stars and planets that has never stopped. It can see farther into the space than any telescope on earth because the space is free of atmosphere that has pollutants to obscure the view from earth. It can also take photos using different wave lengths of light like infrared that it beams back to earth.

Now the Chinese have put up a giant dish shaped antenna hundred meters in diameter and so sensitive that it can receive radio signals from distant planets while in India they have set up radio telescopes spread out over hundreds of square kilometers and joined together to act as one very super powerful device that can receive distant signals from planets. It is because we as humans are terribly interested in knowing if there are life forms out there in the universe and if they are trying to communicate with us by sending radio messages.

Closer to home, there are daily reports of sighting of UFOs around the world and literally thousands of photos and videos have been taken to prove that UFOs are real and some have even crashed like in Roswell and in Siberia in Russia just to name a few places.

The NASA astronauts living in the space station have seen and photographed alien crafts near the space station but are forbidden to talk about them. Similarly Chinese and Russian astronauts also claim to have seen and photographed such alien crafts. Numerous pilots both civilian and military have reported seeing UFOs from their planes but the governments in most countries dismiss them as optical illusions or strange cloud formation that may look like an UFO.

Roswell incident:

Back in 1947 there was a crash of an UFO at Roswell, New Mexico in the United States that the military claimed was a weather balloon but hundreds of witnesses claim otherwise. They say that a real spaceship crashed there and there were bodies of aliens that the military recovered in haste so everything was hush hush because this news was very explosive that could upend the natural order of things. Eisenhower was very curious about what had actually happened at Roswell so according to some report the bodies of the aliens were secretly flown to Washington to show him.

Source : Google photo of alien at Roswell

They also claim that the metal parts of the spaceship was not made of any known metal found on earth and was so tough that they failed to drill a hole in it. A nurse who was asked to leave the autopsy room at Roswell said that she saw the bodies of aliens on the table before she was asked to leave. No one knows to this date the truth because the military people are very good at concealing such evidences that were gathered and still insist that it was a weather balloon and there were no aliens or spaceship.

Now each year a horde of alien enthusiasts descend on Roswell and set up a sort of carnival there dressed as aliens and selling all sorts of UFO paraphernalia, make speeches and sell their junk to make money but there are the Bible thumpers in large numbers as well who show up to counter the claims so fisticuffs are not unheard of. On the whole it is all for fun.

Now let us set aside all the talk about aliens visiting us and crashing somewhere just because they could not find a gas station to fill up their tanks or the scared attendant ran away seeing the aliens. No one knows.

However, it is not a stretch of imagination to believe that there may be many planets where life evolved way ahead of earth and therefore may have developed very advanced civilization that allow them to make spacecrafts that can travel at the speed of light ( 299792 kms/second ) and visit other planets for whatever reasons. If their planets have a source of energy like the Sun, then life may have begun there just like here but perhaps millions of years ahead of us. It is foolish to insist that we are alone in the universe and therefore are unique creation of God who took only a few days to make it all.

Now mention this to the Bible thumpers and see their hackles up in a second who claim that it is not possible because the Bible says so and some will give you exact date the world was created ( 4000 years , 8 months and 10 days etc depending on when you ask them) and to hell with Smithsonian museum showing dinosaurs skeletons tens of millions of years old or actual eggs found in China and in other countries because the Bible does not mention anything about them .

So we will ignore them for the time being and proceed with the hypothesis that Alien may well exist and may be trying to make contact with us either out of curiosity or for other reasons that we do not know anything about.

Stephen Hawking has warned us that nothing good will come out of trying to contact the aliens and bad things may happen if we persist. At the rate we are hell bent on degrading the earth by pollution and destroying the Ozone layer and killing off rare animals to make them extinct and cutting down the forests, we may not need the alien help to make the earth uninhabitable. Another war that Nostradamus has predicted will do it for us and wipe us off with the thermo nuclear war so even the aliens will find the planet not worth their visit in the future if we destroy ourselves over some petty argument over sharia laws or whether women should or should not be allowed to drive.

If the aliens exist and there seems to be ample evidence that they do in some form , they may be wondering why humans are so idiotic that they are fighting over a book written by a so called prophet 1400 years ago and killing each other every day.

The Irish were also waging a war for a long time over the argument about who is a true Christian and finally came to their senses to make peace but others are still making mischief. It will be interesting if the Aliens could land their spacecraft at the CNN head quarters and give a live interview on what they think of us and our foolishness of always fighting and quarrelling over petty things and give some sound advice before taking off and leaving no e mail address. Perhaps they do not use computers and communicate by thought reading millions of miles away.

The alien ships in Afghanistan:

Recently some locals in Afghanistan found a cave and an alien spacecraft stowed deep inside which prompted the US military to investigate the cave. They found some type of craft inside but it was highly radioactive so could not bring it out to examine further. The experts have decided that the craft is at least 5000 years old meaning the stories in Hindu scripture of Mahabharata and Ramayana were telling the truth after all about people using aircrafts in those days. It could very well be an alien craft but what happened to those aliens and why they decided to stow their craft away deep inside a cave in Afghanistan of all places? No one knows the answers.

The crash of UFO in Siberia:

There is a dossier full of photos of an alien craft shaped like a giant saucer that crash landed in Siberia somewhere and an army brigade was sent to investigate and take photos and films. Some of these photos and films have since been leaked to the U tube and can be seen but Kremlin just sits on this treasure trove of information for reasons of their own so once again it is just like Roswell.

The conspiracy theory:

The conspiracy theorists are plentiful these days and promote the idea there indeed is a conspiracy at the highest level of the Government in the US, Russia and elsewhere to suppress the evidence of the existence of alien crafts and the bodies of aliens found in them because telling the truth will be nothing short of devastating to the Bible or Koran thumpers who are very powerful and hell bent on status quo. Imagine if the truth came out that we are not alone and there are superior and very intelligent beings in the universe who travel at the speed of light or faster and who are more civilized than us and who do not have a religion as we know it. It will upset them to no end because people will start getting ideas and may start doubting all the organized religions and may start joining the religion of the Aliens in droves if the membership is open.

How will the televangelists make money if people will not believe them anymore? These people rake in millions so who will kill their goose that lays golden eggs forever? So naturally they are the opponents of the aliens and the UFOs because it will upend all they believe in so that will not do. They have strong influence in the government everywhere and can put pressure on them to deny the existence of aliens and their crafts.

I think Stephen Hawking is right when he warns us of the aliens and says that we should not mess with them and leave them alone. Even without them we are doomed because bad people will destroy our planet in 1000 years over silly matters like women’s rights or slavery or Kashmir. Now whether or not the aliens will leave us alone is altogether another matter.

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