My heroes : Swami Vivekananda

Amal Chatterjee
2 min readJan 25, 2017
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I often think of people who made a deep impression on the nation of India and left behind a legacy that to this day endures. Such people are rare and are born to change the world in a positive and profound way like no one else

. There have been only a handful of such people in the history of mankind who came to teach us all that knowledge, high morals,truthfulness, hard work, non violence, tolerance towards all faith and all people,civility and humility, persuit of spirituality , helping the downtrodden and the poor, compassion and charity, love for all humanity and life with dignity was the way forward for all nations. They are called heroes because of their extraordinary contribution to the world .

Such a message was brought by Swami Viveknanda in late 1890s when he addressed the people of the United States at the Religious convention of Chicago in 1893.

There have been many who preached violence and caused massive loss of life wherever they went . Ghengis Khan, Saladin, Stalin, Hitler ,Mao Tse Tung and many others tried to change the world through violence but their legacy is better forgotten.

Then there were people like Buddha whom some call a prophet and others avatar of Vishnu who taught people that ahimsa or non violence , peace and love was the only sane way for the mankind to co exist.

Swami Viveknanda was a saint who strikes me as a great spiritual leader who was also a great patriot. He said that to build a strong nation of India, people must also be strong in body and mind and encouraged young people to do physical excercise and give up vices like alcohol, smoking , gamblings etc. while developing a spiritual consciousness.

India produced many such heroes that I will write about in my future blogs. His complete works published in eight volumes are worth reading.

Source : Google photo

Now a magnificent temple in Kanyakumari honors the Swami where a life size statue is built and paid homage to .We have been there.