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I have put together the following list of all of my blogs in alphabetical order so that you can instantly access any of them by clicking on the topic. The topics are all linked to the blog site in English so it will be easy for you to read any topic that interests you. You are free to share them with anyone you like or reblog them in any social media.

In the future I will try to make the same list in French, Spanish, German and Japanese as well so that my readers in those languages will have the same easy access as this page. But for the time being please use the links provided at the end of this page to get to your language of choice to read the blogs.

A complete list of all of my blogs published so far in website.

Note : To read any of my blogs, just click on the link to open the page instantly.

  1. Abuse of native children
  2. A broken nose
  3. A country called Mali
  4. A criminal waste
  5. A country called Mali
  6. A curse in Kashmir
  7. A day of infamy
  8. Audacious destiny
  9. A journey to Egypt
  10. A land called Palestine
  11. A landmark decision
  12. A man with a vision
  13. A menace called inflation
  14. A nascent democracy
  15. An ancient scourge called slavery
  16. A positive change has come
  17. A memorable journey to Egypt
  18. Admirable Amish
  19. A happy man
  20. An ancient scourge called slavery
  21. A child is a sapling
  22. A child is the father of man
  23. A child prodigy called Antara
  24. A curse in Kashmir
  25. Adulteration
  26. A dog called Levko
  27. Agony of flying
  28. A hero like no other
  29. A land called Palestine
  30. A legend called Padmini
  31. A life worth living
  32. An addiction like no other
  33. An evil nexus
  34. A monster called corruption
  35. A morbid fascination
  36. A new star now twinkles
  37. A positive change has come
  38. A prankster is loved
  39. A ray of hope
  40. A shameful secret
  41. A sense of community
  42. A treasure trove of visual delight
  43. Ascetics of India
  44. A story of great valor and courage
  45. A tribute to mentors
  46. Adoption is an act of altruism
  47. Affordable homes
  48. Agony of flying
  49. Akiane Kramarik
  50. Allure of credit card
  51. Allure of vanity
  52. Am I your servant ?
  53. Amazing progress
  54. An evil nexus
  55. An addiction like no other
  56. An incredible country called India
  57. Apathy
  58. Arranged marriage
  59. Art enriches you
  60. The art of writing
  61. Bane of middlemen
  62. Battle of Mahabharata
  63. Bliss of forgiveness
  64. Blood sport
  65. Bloody history of Rajasthan
  66. Brain drain
  67. Bridge of Ram
  68. Bullying should be a crime
  69. Buried alive
  70. Cairo museum
  71. Can a house be a home?
  72. Challenges facing Vatican
  73. Clash of generations
  74. Clothes, food and religious taboos
  75. Consequences of culture clash
  76. Conundrum of the diaspora
  77. Controlled emotions
  78. Corona and dirty kitchen
  79. Cries of Tibet
  80. Crime and punishment
  81. Cruelty to animals
  82. Cultural and religious imperialism
  83. Cultural barriers
  84. Culture and habits
  85. Culture of deceit
  86. Culture of impunity
  87. Culture shock
  88. Curse of red tape
  89. Curse of dowry
  90. Death, be not proud
  91. Degeneration of culture
  92. Democracy is a beautiful word
  93. Determination
  94. Diversity should be welcome
  95. Dignity and self respect
  96. Dirty habits
  97. Divine justice
  98. Don’t be a scrooge
  99. Down the memory lane
  100. Drug and domestic violence
  101. Education today
  102. Egypt’s lost queens
  103. Empathy and apathy
  104. Empty nest
  105. Etienne Dinet
  106. Etymology of words
  107. Everything fades
  108. Excessive shyness
  109. Extraordinarily talented artists
  110. Faith as business
  111. Fake gurus
  112. Fallacy of white supremacy
  113. Farming and capitalism
  114. Fear of melting pot
  115. Fight for supremacy
  116. Florence Nightingale
  117. Food and its evolution
  118. Forming habits
  119. Forgetting is a blessing
  120. Fourteen fabulous power points
  121. From riches to rags
  122. Frog in the well
  123. Gabar Buri
  124. Gender inequality Part one
  125. Gender inequality Part two
  126. Getting old
  127. Ghosts and souls
  128. Glory of Meroe
  129. Go alone if no one heeds your call
  130. Good and bad habits and manners
  131. Good and bad teachers
  132. Greed for oil
  133. Guns and violence
  134. Havelis of Sekhawatis in Rajasthan
  135. Heart of gold
  136. Heavenly foods of India
  137. History of Maha Kumbha Mela
  138. How India feeds its hungry
  139. How frugal should you be?
  140. How the trade has changed
  141. How to make pit latrines
  142. How to be truly self reliant anywhere
  143. How to fight evil
  144. How to spoil a game
  145. Human exploitation
  146. Human migration
  147. Human relationships
  148. Humility and arrogance
  149. Intolerance
  150. Incredible Algeria
  151. Incredible Razia
  152. Incredible super girls
  153. Institution of marriage
  154. Incredible super girls
  155. India as I knew it
  156. India Cambodia link
  157. I miss Rajeev Dixit
  158. I am the village bard
  159. I love trains
  160. I love you R2- D2
  161. I owe you one
  162. If I were
  163. If no one hears your call
  164. Imprinting
  165. In the name of progress
  166. Inclusive vs Exclusive
  167. India- the next economic super power
  168. India is the rising super power
  169. India is like no other
  170. Indian space program
  171. Inter racial marriage
  172. International students
  173. Intrepid travelers
  174. Is depression curable?
  175. Is honesty outdated ?
  176. Is marriage necessary?
  177. Jean Ferrat is a legend
  178. Jesus and Mary Magdalene of history
  179. Language and its evolution
  180. Latest discoveries in Luxor
  181. Joy of festivals
  182. Kam Fats of this world
  183. Konstantina Andritsou
  184. Language and its evolution
  185. Learn from Haroun al Rashid
  186. Learn loyalty from dogs
  187. Leather and pollution
  188. Let go
  189. Looters and pilferers
  190. Maintenance
  191. Manipulative media
  192. Materialism
  193. Machiavellian politics
  194. Means of oppression called racial profiling
  195. Mental health issues
  196. Mighty Zulus
  197. Military industrial complex
  198. Monuments to glory
  199. Moral corruption of soul
  200. Most beautiful 101 places in India
  201. Mughal architecture
  202. My home town
  203. My heroes : Bhagat Singh
  204. My heroes : Djamila Boupacha
  205. My heroes- Jatindra Nath Mukherjee
  206. My heroes-Swami Vivekananda
  207. My heroes- Chandra Shekhar Ajaad
  208. My heroes- Che Guevara
  209. My heroes; Fidel Castro
  210. My heroes- Jatindra Nath Das
  211. My heroes- Khudi Ram Bose
  212. My heroes: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
  213. My heroes- Nathu Ram Godse
  214. My heroes- Queen Laksmibai of Jhansi
  215. My heroes- Shri Aurobindo
  216. My heroes- Stephen Bantu Biko
  217. My heroes- Udham Singh
  218. My heroes — Nelson Mandela
  219. My heroes : Veer Savarkar
  220. Mystery of the universe and aliens
  221. Noble animals
  222. Nurturing talents
  223. Nur Jahan
  224. Obsession with death
  225. Old age care
  226. Old age deserves respect
  227. Origin of religion
  228. Parents have a duty
  229. Please save the peacocks
  230. Pashmina shawls of Kashmir
  231. Patriarchal dichotomy
  232. Peer pressure and alcohol
  233. Poor farmers
  234. Politics of hatred
  235. Powerpoint on Dilwara Jain temple
  236. Precarious living
  237. Prepare yourself
  238. Pride and strife of Lucknow embroiders Part one
  239. Pride and strife of Lucknow embroiders Part two
  240. Price they paid for love
  241. Problem of communication
  242. Raja Ravi Varma
  243. Reform the justice system
  244. Religious intolerance
  245. Result of hard work
  246. Rise above mediocrity
  247. Rich man poor man
  248. Rising from the Ashes
  249. Role of international aid in development
  250. Roots
  251. Sacred cows
  252. Sensible gun control
  253. Selective memory
  254. Sexual depredation of women
  255. Sinister primal instinct
  256. Shelter for the homeless
  257. Shri Rama Krishna Dev and his legacy
  258. She could be our mother
  259. Slum dogs
  260. Small towns and dreamers
  261. So little time
  262. Soul less development
  263. Speed of technology
  264. Stairwells of Rajasthan
  265. Story of Ertugrul and Halime
  266. Story of Phoolan
  267. Story of Sir Nicholas Winton
  268. Suleiman the tailor
  269. Surrogacy or adoption
  270. Sycophancy
  271. Stop all animal torture
  272. Story of Lucknow
  273. The allure of credit card
  274. The art of writing
  275. The beauty of Persian carpets
  276. The bliss and curse of marriage
  277. The blogger’s world
  278. The circus and its painful secrets
  279. The concept of family
  280. The concept of time
  281. The concept of heaven and hell
  282. The cultural barriers
  283. The curse of plastic
  284. The curse of sheltering
  285. The desert city of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan in India
  286. The dream of an agronomist
  287. The effect of mass tourism
  288. The happy man
  289. The legacy of the British Raaj in India
  290. The fabulous treasures of Maharajas in India Part one
  291. The fabulous treasures of Maharajas in India Part two
  292. The miniature painting of Mughal era Part one and two
  293. The other half
  294. The plight of gypsies
  295. The prejudice of caste
  296. The pride and struggles of Lucknow embroiders
  297. The problems of communication today
  298. The remaining days
  299. The relevance of Kahlil Gibran’s Prophet today
  300. The remaining days
  301. The risk takers
  302. The role of International crop research centers in development
  303. The role of NGOs in development
  304. The sibling relationship
  305. The spirit of Africa
  306. The tyranny of tradition
  307. The unsung hero of the green revolution- SKD
  308. The untouchables
  309. The vanishing tribes
  310. The voice of conscience
  311. The wool carpets of Bhadohi
  312. The world of clairvoyants and wizards
  313. The world of LGBTQ
  314. The world of music
  315. The world of PWD
  316. Tribes of India
  317. Toxic people
  318. Two extraordinary child prodigies
  319. Two stories
  320. Two very brave women
  321. Universal healthcare
  322. Unemployment
  323. Unforgettable Egypt
  324. Unheard cries
  325. Unity in diversity
  326. Unnecessary incarceration
  327. Unprecedented effort
  328. Unsung heroine Rampyari
  329. Values and patriotism
  330. Virtual reality
  331. We all need friends
  332. We are only custodians
  333. What children owe their parents?
  334. What is a coincidence?
  335. What is beauty?
  336. What is conscience?
  337. What is democracy?
  338. What is entertainment?
  339. What is friendship?
  340. What is happiness?
  341. What is in a word?
  342. What is justice?
  343. What is mental telepathy?
  344. What is minimalism?
  345. What is your mettle?
  346. What it all means ?
  347. What now?
  348. What will be your legacy?
  349. Where are the dolphins?
  350. Where are the doctors ?
  351. Where are the hakims?
  352. Who decides?
  353. Who is a soul mate?
  354. Who is primitive?
  355. Who was Siraj ud Daulah?
  356. Why do we imitate ?
  357. Wonderful caves of Ellora and Ajanta
  358. Women today
  359. Wood carvings of Saharanpur
  360. Why burn books?
  361. Why do we imitate?
  362. Why do we make jokes?
  363. Why do we procrastinate?
  364. Why I love India as told by Karolina Goswami
  365. Why some people remain single?
  366. What have I become?
  367. Why the traditions are fading?
  368. What is faith ?
  369. What is patriotism?
  370. What remains?
  371. Why we make our own demons?
  372. Why we are so lonely?
  373. Will robots replace us?
  374. Wonderful power points Part one
  375. Wonderful power points Part two
  376. Wonderful power points Part three
  377. Wonderful power points Part four
  378. Wonderful power points Part five
  379. Wonderful power points- Part six
  380. Wonderful power points- Part seven
  381. Wonderful power points- Part eight
  382. Wonderful power points- part nine
  383. Wonderful power points- part ten
  384. Wonderful Vietnam
  385. Wool carpets of Bhadohi
  386. Wood carvings of Saharanpur
  387. Wood carvers of Saharanpur Part one
  388. Wood carvers of Saharanpur Part two
  389. Words of Buddha
  390. Words of Chanakya
  391. Xenophobia
  392. Yesterday, today and tomorrow
  393. You can always leave but never go back
  394. You can be lonely in a crowd
  395. Prologue of my biography
  396. Chapter one : Early years , India — 1944 to 1957
  397. Chapter two : Formative years, India , 1957 to 1967
  398. Chapter three : War torn Vietnam , 1967 June to 1969 July
  399. Chapter four : USA in turmoil, 1969 to 1971
  400. Chapter five : Remember Djamila, Algeria , 1971 to 1973
  401. Chapter six : Transition period, India 1973 to 1974
  402. Chapter seven : A great leap forward, Philippines ,1974 to 1978
  403. Chapter eight : Abject poverty of Mali, West Africa, 1979 to 1981
  404. Chapter nine: A very stressful period, India, Philippines- 1981 to 1983
  405. Chapter ten : The repressed people of Haiti in revolution , 1984 to 1987
  406. Chapter eleven: The tragedy of Sri Rampur- 1987 to 1988
  407. Chapter twelve : The blood soaked hills of Burundi- 1988 to 1990
  408. Chapter thirteen : The land of Mahdi, Sudan, 1990 to 1994
  409. Chapter fourteen : Finally home sweet home, Philippines, 1994 to present
  410. Epilogue

A total of 410 blog posts as of February 24, 2022

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I am the village bard who loves to share his stories.

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Amal Chatterjee

Amal Chatterjee

I am the village bard who loves to share his stories.

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