Konstantina Andritsou

Amal Chatterjee
3 min readDec 2, 2018

Source : Google photo of Konstantina Andritsou

Synopsis : Synopsis does no justice to such talents so I will skip it here.

Source : U Tube video

Konstantina Andritsou is a seven year old child prodigy of Bulgarian descent who lives in Greece and has extraordinary talent playing guitar at such a young age. No one really knows where she will go from here because she is already a star.

I am always very impressed by such talent because I think such children are born with such gifts and have extraordinary sense of music and creativity that takes professionals years of hard work and training under a maestro.

Earlier I had published a blog on Amira Willighagen of Holland who is an extraordinary child prodigy ( see my blog here called Two extraordinary child prodigies ) who will take your breath away by her singing and you will forget that she is only a child.

Unfortunately I do not know the name of the second child who at the age of 4 years plays piano the way professionals can’t play. She is Chinese.

Where do they get such talent? How at an early age when most children are learning their ABCD and throwing tantrums for silly things, such talents are born? No doubt they have extraordinary parents who have very early on recognized the potential of their children like Amira and Konstantina and have given their full support so that such child prodigies can flourish. I would very much like to see them when they are young ladies but alas I may not be alive to see them.

I will post one more video of Konstantina here for you to enjoy. She is 9 years old here.

Source :U tube video

Here is another video of my favorite Amira Willighagen that I include here for you to watch and enjoy her extraordinary voice . She has taken the music world by storm.

Source : U tube video of Amira Willighagen

These children bring so much joy to the world with their extraordinary talent that negate all the ill feelings, racism, intolerance and bigotry in one instant . They are the true ambassadors of humanity in the most positive way.

Normally I am not short of words but now they fail me so I will stop.

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