India, the rising power to be no.1

Amal Chatterjee
6 min readAug 8, 2018

Source : Google photo of Indian air force

Synopsis : Indian defense industry is second to none in the continent and continues to grow to supply the need of the country to defend itself from land, sea or air . At the forefront is the DRDO ( Defense Research and Development Organization) that continues to develop new weapons to safeguard the country in any eventuality. The videos here will show a glimpse of what India is capable of in the event of a war.

  1. Indian military power

This video shows some impressive numbers that make the Indian army a formidable force to reckon with by its adventurous neighbors.

2-India weapons that are scary

This video shows some scary weaponry that the DRDO has developed to discourage the enemies of India .

When I was young, we raised our flag and sang patriotic songs when our school opened in the morning. This was in the 50s when India had recently gained its independence so patriotism was high because our parents had the experience of living under the British rule. Then came the year 1947 when India was partitioned into three parts that caused a lot of bloodshed and a massive movement of refugees into India that had to be somehow accommodated.

At that time India was just starting out just like a toddler on its feeble legs but as it started to grow, we saw a tremendous effort by the government to invest heavily in the industries, in agriculture and the development of the infrastructure all at the same time.

The scale and the speed of development picked up as India grew in its economy in the 70s and 80s but it was still a growing country in all its sectors . Indians had no idea that India will one day be what it is today demographically, politically, economically and industrially. Its agriculture can now not only feed the nation, it exports the excess .

But what the world has little knowledge of is how India has grown militarily over the years and now is among the top three military powers in the world. The video posted above shows some numbers that are very impressive but what it does not show is how the DRDO ( Defense Research and Development Organization ) of India has shaped its military and continues to develop weapons to protect India from its neighbors who have bad intentions and how it has empowered its defense forces to meet any challenge the country faces.

Indian defense and offense capabilities are impressive which is an understatement to say the least but it provides India the ability to face the dangers of insecurity in the land , sea or air for which India spends a great deal of money. This money could be spent on other pressing needs of India if she did not have serious security concerns but the reality is that India is compelled to do so to ensure that bad neighbors do not miscalculate India’s ability to defend herself.

In that respect India and Israel have similar concerns since both are surrounded by hostile countries so they have to develop their ability to defend themselves . This had led to joint ventures between the two countries in many fields of defense , border security and it is growing.

What I want to tell you today is what I saw one day at the railway station in Satna while waiting with my wife for the train. We had just visited the beautiful temples of Khajuraho and waited for our train when we saw a freight train passing by. It was at least a kilometer long and every wagon was loaded with brand new military hardware like tanks, artillery pieces, armored vehicles etc. going somewhere showing that Indian defense industry was working full time to make such hardware 24/7 . It was perhaps some 30 years ago.

Now the country makes most of what it needs for its army, air force and Navy and many joint ventures to make the rest are working full time employing hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of people to do so.

At the forefront of this massive push to modernize the Indian defense and offense capabilities is the DRDO that is the research and development branch of the army solely dedicated to invent and improve the weapons to discourage any country to make the mistake of attacking India.

India has never attacked other countries or invaded them so it suffered the consequence of being a peaceful country invaded and looted by the aggressive countries for centuries. It was because India was a peaceful country that never meant any harm to others so the invaders took it as a sign of weakness and exploited it.

The independent and democratic India is now altogether a very different country that is growing stronger militarily everyday because the national security and the ability to defend herself makes the economic growth possible. If you look at Vietnam now, you will be impressed by what you see there in terms of development since the war ended so peace is necessary for any country to develop.

The specter of constant threat that India faces from its neighbors that have ambitions to occupy a part of India or degrade its military and economic growth makes India take her defense very seriously indeed . You just have the watch the Republic Day parade in New Delhi on January 26 every year to see the military hardware India displays to the world with great pride. It also sends a clear message to those who might be thinking of making mischief that no one should mess with India and let India be.

For any country to grow , war is not an option but peace is. Look at all the countries that are being destroyed systematically due to war and setting them back to stone age when they could also grow and develop to make life easier for its citizens but there is evil in the world that casts its malevolent shadow due to geopolitics so these unfortunate countries suffer.

The proxy wars the big arm exporting countries wage, their own selfish national interest, the cold war between big powers that continues unabated, the greed for the natural resources of the countries where they fight wars, the animosity of one tribe against the other to gain supremacy are all the reasons why people suffer and continue to do so.

India has suffered historically because it was not united as a democracy with a strong central government and military so the outsiders took advantage of it and invaded. Later the British and others came to colonize it but could any strong country be invaded and colonized easily?

To be a nuclear power caused India to suffer sanctions from other countries that did not like to see India emerge as a nuclear power and join their elite club but India did not believe that any country had the right to tell others what to do to defend themselves so refused to sign the Nuclear non proliferation treaty that USA pressured India to sign.

Indian nuclear options are scary because it has the ability to mount the nuclear offensive against its enemies from land , sea and air making the country among the elite few in the world to be able to do so. Increasingly its land, air and naval forces are being equipped with ultra modern weaponry that are digitally guided and aided by its own satellite navigation system that is totally home grown and needs no help from the GPS.

But like all nuclear weapons, it is not meant to be deployed but only act as a deterrent because the enemies of India are warned of its consequences should they attack India.

The Make in India scheme of the government wants most if not all weaponry and hardware to be Made in India to defend the country and has made significant progress in this regard with joint collaboration with many countries.

But in the hour of need, India has learned from its past experience that she has a few reliable friends to help so she decides to go on its own and be a strong nation. As its economy grows, so does its ability to reach the top rank as the military power.

India has learned its bitter lessons and vows not to be treated the same way as before.

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