India as I knew it

Amal Chatterjee
6 min readOct 16, 2020


Source : Google photo of the Holi celebration in India

Synopsis : A country like India has many facets to it. It has the physical beauty, the rich cultural heritage, the landmark world heritage sites, the religions, the wildlife, the flora and fauna, the rich heritage of the tribes, the festivals that people enjoy, the diverse food ,the languages, the clothings, the art and handicraft etc. all make up many facets of a country. I will present mostly the sheer physical beauty of India in this blog and have included numerous other power points on India in the links.

India evokes many emotions in my heart. The sound of cuckoo birds and peacocks , its green fields where you can see the Nilgai placidly munching on grass, its lofty snow clad peaks of the mountains in the north, the lush Easter and Western ghats covered in emerald green tea gardens, its Thar desert and the salt pans, the majestic and astounding forts of Rajasthan, the crystal clear lake of Dahl in Sri Nagar and lofty peaks, its forests where lions and tigers roam freely, its extraordinary beauty and its varied people, their customs, traditions and culture, numerous religions all make India a very unique country that evokes nostalgia in anyone living abroad. People who have never visited India have no idea how beautiful the country is and what it has to offer to dazzle your senses.

I have seen India changing over a period of 50 years from the days of poor connectivity, poor roads and infrastructure to a modern India that is transforming the country at a break neck speed creating world record every day in mega engineering projects all over the country. It is a country now going digital in a way unseen elsewhere in the world, where almost all the services are going on line, where the young people are Internet savvy, where changes in every sphere are coming faster than people can cope, where new laws have been enacted to unify the country through uniform education system, uniform goods and services tax , uniform nationwide ID system that allows access to all government services including banking, farmer protection laws, universal health care for all citizens, massive housing schemes for the poor, roads and electric connectivity to all the villages, new dedicated freight corridors to transport freight all over the country from ports to consumers , new airports everywhere are some of the changes that have taken place since I left the country some 50 years ago. India will soon have a nationwide uniform civil and criminal laws.

The new super highways and high speed trains connect to all parts of the country where most people still travel by trains or buses. The phone connectivity has improved in a way no one had foreseen before the age of fiber optic cables that give you instant connection nationwide and worldwide. Millions of people in urban and rural areas carry cell phones that connect them to anyone anywhere anytime instantly.

But today I want to present to you a power point of photos that will show you India in all its beauty from the peaks of Himalayas to the shores of Kanyakumari in dazzling photos . It will show you the physical beauty of India that will leave you breathless. The power point will focus more on natural beauty and less on modern India with its super highways and new airports, new high speed trains and new everything.

It is a fast developing country that is technologically advanced and sends missions to Moon and beyond using its own rockets and satellites and is a militarily strong nation to take on any challenges.

Source : Google photo of Ganga river dolphins

When I was a child, I used to see the dolphins playing in the Yamuna river when there was no awareness of their value and importance among the poachers but now slowly the awareness has come and they are being protected in the rivers of India. I used to hear the call of wolves and hyenas near the cities but they have gone away to more forested areas as the population has grown and cities expanded.

Source : Google photo of dancing bears of India

Source : Google photo of peacock in India

I used to see the bears and other wild animals that the nomads used to exploit to gain a small living but that too has changed so now the bears are protected in sanctuaries where they are given all the care they need. You can still see the peacocks in vast gardens in any city where they show off their dazzling colors and move around freely because they are protected. The tiger and lion population is slowly increasing in national parks that are numerous and guarded by the armed park rangers so that is very good news in a country where poaching still goes on.

Source : Google photo of Gir lion in India

Source : Google photo of Royal Bengal Tiger in India

The captive crocodile and gharial breeding program of the government has helped save the animals and their numbers are increasing as well. The breeding farms later release the crocs and gharials into the wilderness where they grow up naturally.

Source : Google photo of gharial that is protected by law.

The elephants, rhinoceros , cheetahs, jaguars, leopards, mountain lions, panthers,red pandas, numerous species of deer, hyenas, foxes, wolves and other wildlife are now protected so they too are increasing in numbers.

There was a time thousands of years ago when the population was small and the forest cover was extensive where the animals and the tribal people lived in harmony but that has changed. Still there are many national reserve parks and forests where one can see the wildlife like lions and tigers any time. While some tribal people still live in forested areas, most of them seek employment in cities and villages where they reside.(See my blog on Tribes of India here).

I have prepared 8 power points on India wildlife , birds and history that you can see here using the link given below :

Link :!AmoX9W4gHulzkVBmmp-4dV5TfSTw?e=qQy2Yh

I have also prepared 35 power points on Indian art and crafts that you may see using the link given below :!AmoX9W4gHulzhklBL0QUHftOhNTD?e=EFUVEz

Now you can see the sheer beauty of India in the power point presented here that you may share with anyone anytime.!AmoX9W4gHulzm1BL2OMJmIJW43ja?e=48jURh

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