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Amal Chatterjee
3 min readMar 20, 2020

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Synopsis : Very few people living in cities or urban areas know very little about how to be self reliant anywhere. But in some rural areas you will still find people with amazing skills who know how to make a house or bamboo furniture or tools . This blog shows you some amazing very young girls who will show you their talent in what they do and how they do it without any help from anyone. Anyone can be impressed by their skill and knowledge that they may have picked up from others.

I collected these five amazing videos to show you how a very young village girl probably in Cambodia or Thailand builds by herself a beautiful hut of bamboo using only her primitive tools that she made herself like the stone axe and some digging tools .

She collects all the bamboo, posts, leaves from the forest and brings it to the spot she has cleared to build her hut. The video does not tell you how long she had to work to build her hut but obviously she works very hard with no one to help her . She can’t be over 20 years in age but her self reliance at her young age is not only admirable but highly commendable because at her age most girls anywhere can’t do what she does. You will be amazed at her skill, her wisdom and obviously her training that she got from somewhere and wonder what else she can do.

1. Young girl builds a beautiful hut in the forest by herself

Source : U tube video

In the second video she first makes a low fence with bamboo and then meticulously fills the yard in front of her hut by bringing the soil she digs around her hut and finally gives it a wonderful finish by raking the soil and making it very leveled.

2. Here she makes a yard in front of her hut

Source : U tube video

3. In the third video she makes a wonderful bamboo bed

Source : U tube video

If you do not see the video then just press the back arrow to go to the previous video. There are many videos of this wonderful girl showing her skills in making so many things.

Now this girl is obviously a pretty girl from China who makes a beautiful kitchen all by herself using some modern tools but her skill and knowledge is astonishing given her very young age. But first she restores a very old and dirty dressing table and makes it look like new. She is joyful and full of pranks. She obviously enjoys herself doing what she does without help. I am very impressed and so will you be.

4. This girl restores a dressing table and makes a beautiful kitchen later

Source : U tube video

5 .Here she builds a house all by herself

Source : U tube video

The purpose of this blog is to bring to your knowledge very talented young girls who set an example of self reliance at a very young age while their counterparts in other countries are obsessed with fashion and cell phones but know little else in life.

Share this blog with your friends so that they too will know these wonderful girls.

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