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Synopsis : We all hear stories of ghosts and souls .There are many photos as evidence that they exist although why they do not get nirvana is anyone’s guess. Some say that they are unhappy so they linger at the place of their former life making it haunted.The blog takes this matter seriously and encourages people to show respect to the departed so that they can get some peace .

The topic of ghosts fascinates me but I am sure I am not the only one. Millions of people all over the world share with me this fascination and some will even tell you that they have seen ghosts and have photographed or video filmed them. I will post a few such photos to suggest that they are real and exist.

We all know that the life that resides in a body leaves the body after the death of a person making the body lifeless. There are rare cases where it has been recorded that a person dies , his life leaves the body and then after sometime returns to the body so the person wakes up and tells the doctors and nurses that he had a near death experience. Most don’t believe him and attribute this phenomenon to an impossibility and explain that the electric shocks given to the patient revived his heart that started beating again.

Whatever the reasonings may be, I cannot believe that it has nothing to do with a persons’s religious beliefs and cultural upbringings. After all the doctors and nurses are human beings and are subject to their own beliefs that may tell them that there are no such things as ghosts. The Christians are taught that there is no reincarnation of the soul so it usually boils down to beliefs.

I admit that I have never seen a ghost and it is quite likely that I never will but that does not mean that they do not exist because I have heard many real stories told by real people who say that they have seen ghosts.

There was a very old house in my home town that originally belonged to a Moslem but they left for Pakistan after the independence and sold their house to a Hindu as many others did at that time. Usually a grave is found inside such a house that Hindus respect and put some flowers and burn joss sticks to please the souls. Hindus strongly believe in ghosts and after life so these are serious matters for the Hindus including the topic of reincarnation.

Now this old house that was poorly maintained by the residents was literally falling apart but the grave that I saw inside of this house was well maintained and cared for. They always burned some joss sticks and put some flowers there everyday to appease the soul of whoever died there because they believed that the soul will get angry if they do not show respect.

But like many things in life, this practice was not maintained and people stopped caring for the grave. The next generation did not care for the souls and ghosts. One night during the full moon , a tall bearded fellow was seen on the roof that scared the devil out of the residents but it did not stop there.

One fellow who used to sleep on the second floor always locked his door before he went to bed but one night woke up because he felt that someone was sitting on his chest so he could not breathe. When he suddenly woke up, he saw no one and the door was still locked from inside. This incident scared him to no end and from then on they started caring for the grave and put joss sticks there. No one saw the old man with flowing beard any more so they sighed with relief.

There was another house in our neighborhood where someone had hung himself for some reason. We were always scared to go to that house because of this and saw that one room where the fellow died was always locked up. But the ghost of that person hanged around and made a racket now and then by pushing and shoving metal pots and plates in the kitchen. They are the poltergeist ghosts scaring people for no reason.

There are many such cases that have been recorded by others but I just mention these two stories that I personally know.

Souls leaving the body : Source : Google photos

We know that the life that resides in a body is a form of energy that has been photographed leaving the body as some of the photos here will show. This energy called soul then perhaps becomes a part of the energy of the universe that Hindus call the state of Nirvana and does not come back in a new form in a new body so it is not reincarnated.These two photos above show the soul leaving the body of the dead . The internet is full of such photos .

They also believe that not all souls achieve this nirvana because they were bad people and did bad things while living so they do not get to the state of Nirvana and are bound to return to start a new life somewhere in some form. A man may be born in his next life as a cow or a pig depending on the gravity of his mischief.

Tortured souls as ghosts : Source Google photos

These two photos show ghosts perhaps in a tormented state (Source :Google photos)

So Hindus pray and propitiate the departed souls by offering them worship and perform a Vedic ritual near Ganga river in a place called Gaya. Then the soul becomes free and attains Nirvana. Since this is a matter of belief, some people choose not to believe and ignore the propitiation part but most people are afraid that the un propitiated souls may come back to haunt them so they do it as a sort of insurance and not really because they believe in it.

These photos show the ghosts sitting around in one and may be thinking of mischief in the other. ( source : Google photos)

Once President Johnson was visiting Pakistan where he was in the US embassy in Islamabad that many believed was haunted and advised him not to stay there and stay with the ambassador but the president did not believe any of it and found himself locked inside a room very mysteriously. This made him very nervous and shouted for help so the door was smashed to release him . No one could explain how the door suddenly closed and locked the president in. I am sure he never went back to that place again.

People say that there are two types of ghosts. Some are good ghosts and others are bad ghosts. Good ghosts are the souls of good people who for some reasons cannot become free and get nirvana so they hang around to protect the people they love and are like the guardian angels. There is a photo of an old woman ghost who is watching over a sleeping baby who is probably her grandchild. So she is the benevolent ghost like an angel.

The bad ghosts are the souls of people who in real life were really bad people and did many bad things so they can never get freedom and nirvana .They can hang around for centuries and stay in old abandoned houses or such places. These ghosts are up to no good and can harm people in some way. Some possess the living and turn them mad so the Catholic priests are called to exorcise them. The movie Exorcist is worth watching in this context.

Others inhabit a house and bring curses on all who live there by making them unhappy so if you are looking for a house to buy then do some research by asking people who lived there and why they left because surely your agent will tell you nothing if indeed the house had a horrible history. But the locals may know a great deal and warn you not to buy the property. Often there are records of what happened like murder or fire or some such tragedy there so check the old old news papers that some local libraries keep.

Bad ghosts are also mischief makers and push around furniture or break things, slam doors to scare people etc. The movie Poltergeist is worth watching on this subject.

The possessed people are often fake. I knew an old woman who was a first class crook who pretended to be possessed and would tell the farmer where to find his goat and who took it but the farmers are simple folks and gullible so they paid this woman not knowing that she had her own people in the crowd who would chat with the farmer to get all the information and then secretly tell the old hag what they learned. This is how she made money so there are many fake people who claim to talk to the spirits and tell you what lottery number you should get which is a winning ticket.If it was so easy they themselves would be millionaires and would not need to fool people but simple people are easy to deceive.

A story of reincarnation :

I know the story of The reincarnation of Peter Proud that was made into a movie in Hollywood and it goes something like this:

There was a young fellow in California who kept dreaming of a particular house somewhere where something happened that mattered to him. He did not know where this house was and what happened there and how and why he dreamed about this house all the time but it bothered him so much that he decided to find this house to find out what had happened there and why he was a part of it. So he started to drive all over the country looking for a house but it was like looking for a needle in a haystack so his girl friend got exasperated and left him.

He then pushed on and found that this particular style of house he was dreaming of was found in the east coast in the Boston area so he went to Boston to look for it. He took a room in a hotel and found a nice tennis court in the backyard where he played some tennis. There he met with a nice young woman who played tennis well so they got acquainted.

Then one day while he was driving around an old old neighborhood, he saw the style of houses there somewhat similar to what he was looking for but not the house he was searching. Then all of sudden he was in front of an old dilapidated abandoned house that was exactly like the one he often dreamed so he saw a young girl who was washing her car nearby and asked her who lived in that house and why it was in such a bad shape. The girl did not know anything about who had lived there but suggested that she could show him the house if he wanted by getting through a broken window. She did this with a wink suggesting something else but the fellow called Peter was not really interested in her.

Now the young lady he had met while playing tennis was quite attractive so one day she invited him to meet with her mother and present him as her boyfriend and assured him that she was a great old lady of aristocracy.

The old lady offered him tea and at first was quite happy that her daughter had met such a good looking gentleman but noticed that the young man was playing with the spoon and rubbing it around the rim and whistling a tune and was thunderstruck. It was the mannerism of her late husband so she knew that he had come back.

She said that he should not have come back and have sex with her daughter who was really his daughter as well in his previous life.

Now let us find out what really happened to her husband so many years ago. Her husband was a philanderer who was very fond of swimming in the lake late in the evening. So one night when he came up for air found his wife with a piece of wood standing at the edge of the lake and hit his head hard so he lost consciousness and drowned. It was reported in the local papers but the police never found out who killed him or why.

You can now imagine the rest of the story. This young man called Peter Proud’s body was found floating in the lake where he had gone to swim the night before.

In India such a story would be believed 100percent because reincarnation is a strong belief among the Hindus but the Christians take a different view. Still it is quite interesting that such a movie was made in Hollywood and not Bollywood.

So the souls do come back to live another life somewhere. My late aunt believed that I was the reincarnation of my grandfather who died of snake bite in his village although she could not back up her claim with anything more substantive than her belief. I really dislike snakes and stay away as much as possible.

The unhappy souls who cannot get freedom from the cycle of birth and death thus end up as ghosts because of their past deeds so the wordkarma is used here. Hindus say that if you have done good deeds in your life and lived like a saint meaning an honest person then your karma is good and you get to heaven or some such place.

But if you have done bad things in your life then your karma will catch up with you even after your death and your ghost will wander forever in abandoned houses or some such places. When you do bad things in life, you incur a debt which has to be paid back with good deeds. Those who become ghosts are perhaps the evil ones who had done evil things so they do not get a second chance and live in a kind of purgatory. It all depends on the gravity of the misdeeds. Hitler or Stalin would not get a second chance to redeem themselves so probably live in Kremlin or somewhere in Germany bothering people.

But sometime the Good Lord gives you a second chance so you come back and do good deeds in your next life to wipe off the debt. Then and only then your soul will get the freedom that all Hindus yearn for.

I often wonder what bad things I had done in my past life that made me come back so I have been extra careful this time doing good things so that the Good Lord will relent and give me a free pass. I hope so.

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