Divine justice

Amal Chatterjee
12 min readJul 3, 2020

Source : Google photo of statue of Roger Brooke Taney ,Supreme court chief justice removed from Maryland State house .He was the author of infamous Dred Scott case.

Synopsis : There is a great hunger in people who have suffered injustice because of their skin color, ethnicity, race or religion to seek justice . It is no longer a case of slavery of African Americans or mistreatment of the Native Australians or Native Americans. We now see them tearing down monuments representing oppression everywhere. People of all skin color, race and religion now join hands because they see the continuance of racism , discrimination and incarceration of certain people for very minor offenses. This has come about due to a greater awareness of all the evils that still exist and needs to be fought. The blog looks at what is happening today and what people are doing to seek justice.

When I was a kid , I used to go to the park in my home town where there was a life size marble statue of Queen Victoria sitting on a throne with a scepter in her hand under a huge marble cupola. It was a grand monument built by the British to honor their queen who was also the queen of the British empire that included India as their crown jewel.

We marveled at the polished marble statue that was brought from England so the monument was built at a great cost by the British to show that they were the master of all Indians and we were under their subjugation. Their clubs had signboard outside saying that no dogs or Indians were allowed inside meaning they considered us worse than dogs whom they treated anyway they saw fit.

I used to wonder why her statue was kept in the park when India was free and an independent nation. There were also the busts of George V, Minto and others in other parks near our house where we played as children. Then came a time when one day all such monuments were removed unceremoniously by the government and dumped somewhere where they remain in overgrown weedy fields out of sight forever.

The marble monument in the park called Minto park where we played had four sides that displayed the busts of Minto and the royalty with some inscription that we tried to read and even memorize but I have forgotten them now. The inscription and the busts were chiseled out later when the park was renamed after a great Indian patriot who fought for the freedom of India and so is the park where Victoria used to sit with a broken nose. Her nose was broken by some people who thought that Victoria had no place in free India so they had intended to remove her piecemeal starting with her nose.

All nations want to glorify their heroes , kings and queens so they put up statues of them in prominent public places for the generations to come so that they know who they were and what they did to gain a place in their history. It was also done to impress upon people the fact that they were the masters so everyone must kow tow to them.

The only problem is how to define a hero because the definition of a hero changes from one generation to another so there are no permanent heroes anywhere unless you are talking about Jesus , Buddha or Ram but even their statues or images have been attacked by those who do not venerate them. We see now the trend of tearing down statues of those so called heroes who are identified with slavery and oppression of black people because the slavery in the United States ended when the confederate states lost the civil war. However, the mindset that led to slavery still remains in some people who say that the statues representing the slavery are a part of the history so should be preserved.

This argument falls short of reason right away because Hitler was also a part of the history but there are no statues of him anywhere. People do not want to remember him as a hero but a person who brought war and destruction on his people and others in the name of nationalism the same way Saddam Hussein is not a hero. Some dictators put up their own statues or the statues of their predecessors like in North Korea but a day of reckoning for them may come when they too will become obsolete and relegated to the dust bin of history when the oppressed people are oppressed no more.

The statue of the Chief justice of the Supreme Court in the United States Roger Brooke Taney was removed from the Maryland State house because he was the author of the infamous Dred Scott case when he declared that black people should never be the citizens. This decision in part led to the civil war for the emancipation of the slaves in the USA. Many other such statues that are symbolic of the slave tradition are now being removed nationwide including the confederate flag of that period. The march for civil rights for every body led by Martin Luther King and activists like Rosa Parks made people more aware of the injustice they had suffered for a very long time even after their emancipation so they took to the streets.

I see now a desire in all people anywhere to right the wrong committed against them when they were subjugated by slave owners or dictators so they take matter into their own hands when their chosen government fails them in correcting historical wrongs. They go out in the streets in very large numbers and tear down the statues of oppressors who are a symbol of a dark period in their history and often beat the statues with shoes to show their contempt. This desire in people to remove from all public places the statues of those for whom the people have lost all veneration is worldwide so we see it in many countries.

In India the streets named after the Mughal kings and the British persons are being renamed with the names of people who died for freedom of the country although there too some people object the renaming citing historical values but their objection is no longer tenable in the modern world. It is also called Divine justice by some although a very belated one.

It is said that the history is written by the victors or their sycophants to please their masters who paid them to write the history in their favor so they suppressed the villainy of their masters to glorify them and suppressed the real heroes in the process but there is a desire in people everywhere to rewrite the history to include those heroes who suffered in the hands of oppressors but were excluded by the historians.

The German people named a boulevard in Berlin after Claus von Stauffenberg who had tried to assassinate Hitler but gave his life in doing so because people realized that he was a hero who had such courage. Now some people in England see Churchill as a racist person and have tried to remove his statue in London so the Government there has taken steps to protect it. Some day people may try to take down the statue of Gandhi there as well because Gandhi was known as a pedophile who beat his wife and was literally responsible for the partition of India causing death of millions . The Congress Party that ruled India for decades had made Gandhi a Mahatma to suit their political ambitions but the present generation knows the truth that has voted the Congress out of power in nearly all the states.

So the angry people everywhere take the matter into their own hands when they see the statues of villains being glorified that irritates them to no end. To be a Mahatma, you have to win the hearts of all people by doing good deeds for the country the way Bose did and who is admired by the vast majority of Indians. There will be always those who for reasons of their own will stick to their beliefs and see only what the propaganda made them see but the average person on the street is not fooled by it.

Source : Google photo of Nirod Chandra Chowdhuri who stood up to Nehru and paid the price of exile to England where he died .He was a prominent author.

There are fearless critics of the so called heroes who speak out in protest and bring out the hidden facts about the Gandhis and Nehru so that people may know. Some have sacrificed their lives to do so like Rajeev Dixit who was murdered by the paid goons to silence him. A great historian called Nirod Chandra Chowdhuri who openly criticized Nehru for his flawed policies of creating the problem of Kashmir was exiled by Nehru so he died in England dreaming that one day he will be allowed to return.

Source : Photo of Mt. Rushmore with faces of US presidents. Some were slave owners.

I was watching a video on the national monument called Mt. Rushmore in the United States where the gigantic faces of four American presidents are carved on the mountain face that millions go to see. They are not told that some of the presidents were slave owners who should not have been thus glorified but it is a national monument that no one is allowed to desecrate. The faces were carved on a mountain that is sacred to the native Americans but no one sought their permission to carve Rushmore.

Source : Google photo of the face of Crazy Horse in South Dakota , America

Now to rectify this injustice they have carved a gigantic face of Crazy Horse on a mountain face in South Dakota commemorating the battle of Little Big Horn so that the future generation learns what a brave person Crazy Horse was who fought in Little Big Horn to fight injustice done to them by their oppressors. The history taught to children in America shows how sad it was to kill Gen. Custer but not why Crazy Horse killed the white oppressors. People eventually find out the truth and make an effort to set it straight no matter how much some people oppose it.

The butchers of the past were called Great like Alexander, Akbar and Taimur the lame. Genghis Khan was responsible for 30 million deaths of innocent people so what was so great about such indiscriminate slaughter of people who meant no harm to the Great Khan? What was so great about the slaughter of people by Alexander so that he could be called great? The Persians meant no harm to him but his bloodthirsty army destroyed their empire and razed to the ground Persepolis that was once a majestic city. Did he order the systematic destruction of their heritage as a great nation so that he could be called Great ?

There was a period in our world history when people were ruled by kings or queens because there was no democracy so people were subjugated by someone who ruled over them. If the ruler was benevolent, there was no problem like in the case of Ram or Krishna. People venerated them and still do because the rulers like Ram or Krishna brought peace and justice for all. But mostly the self styled rulers got the power through bloodshed like the Mughals to sit on the throne. They murdered their brothers and put their father in jail. Their rule was anything but benevolent so people suffered. There was bloodshed for the power struggle in England and in Europe where it was the common practice. No one really knows how many people were killed by the Inquisition alone.

Shaka is still considered great by the Zulus of South Africa for resisting white encroachment of their land but they do not like to mention how Shaka came to power and why he was killed by those who saw him as an oppressor. This practice of killing or jailing an opponent was the standard practice of those in power like in the Apartheid regime of South Africa that killed Biko and incarcerated Nelson Mandela for 28 years. Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar spent over 18 years in jail for advocating democracy there. Vir Saverkar was tortured in Andaman jail because he wanted a free India and we all know how Bose sacrificed his life so that India could be free someday. The paid historians are never free to write the truth because to do so jeopardizes their livelihood.

Source : Google photo of the statue of slave trader Edward Colston torn down in England

Source : Google photo of the statue of Saddam Hussein being hit with shoes by the Iraqis

Toppling statues has always been democracy in its purest form . It is one way people show their anger at the distortion of history by those who gave prominence to some people by erecting their statues.

General Gordon’s statue in Khartoum was seen by the Sudanese as an affront to their struggle for freedom from the British rule so it was removed to London by the British government who consider Gordon a part of their glorious history of the colonial period. Some offending statues are being moved to museums where there is protection from angry mobs.

The destruction of religious statues of various historical people like Buddha and Ram among many others was done by the fanatic Talibans in a sustained and deliberate way because such depiction in stone was anathema to their belief . They have over a long period caused more mayhem this way than one cares to count . Sadly this practice still continues although Buddha and Ram are revered by billions of people. The destruction of Buddha in Bamian in Afghanistan is a case in point although it was condemned by the whole world because Buddha is a part of the world heritage that we should all cherish.

Source : Google photo of the destruction of Buddha in Bamian, Afghanistan

In the independent India , all statuary erected during the colonial period were systematically removed by the government no matter what their historical importance so that the people are not reminded of their shameful past when they were treated like slaves. But who can remove the statues of the modern day villains like Gandhi and Nehru ? People are only now waking up to the misdeeds of the Mahatma and his cohorts thanks to the exposes of Rajeev Dixit , Pushpendra Kulshreshtha and Gen. Bakshi. They no long accept the erroneous history written by the sycophants.

It is now a fight for justice that was denied to the blacks in Africa during apartheid, to the African Americans, to the native Americans , to all the oppressed people in the world so it is no longer a black and white issue. You will see the white people in America and in Europe join hands with others who have been historically mistreated and demonstrate in the streets sometimes violently to demand justice. They are often beaten back by the police who use tear gas or water canon on them to disperse but people no longer fear the police.

The recent worldwide demonstration after the murder of George Floyd in America by a policeman shows that even some policemen are in agreement that it was wrong to kill an unarmed person no matter what his skin color was . People are clamoring for justice everywhere even in countries where such people are harshly treated by the authorities.

We are now entering an era of increasing awareness in the people of the historical wrongs so they are willing to demonstrate in the streets and through the ballot boxes to uproot the evil people and succeeding in many cases. There will always be courageous people who will come forward and take the lead to march for justice even at the cost of their life. They are the real heroes who should be celebrated .That is what I call Divine justice that will come although not without sacrifices.

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