Battle of Mahabharata

Amal Chatterjee
10 min readFeb 25, 2021

Source : Google photo of Angkor Wat etchings depicting battle of Mahabharata

Synopsis : We have the tendency to call our ancient history as myth but there is always a grain of truth in all myths that is discovered when archaeologists discover using latest technologies now. The blog looks at the myth of Mahabharata that the new discoveries are proving to be real. The hidden evidences that were shrouded in myths are now coming to light to prove that the ancients wrote the truth in the epics and did not imagine them.

When you read the history books, several events that took place thousands of years ago stand out in the entire history of mankind, the battle of Mahabharata being one of them. It was such a significant moment that had a great impact on what India would become later because people still talk about it thousands of years later and what it means today to nearly half the humanity.

It is quite unfortunate that such a significant moment in the history of mankind had to occur through bloodshed of epic proportions just because of the greed and jealousy of the Kauravas toward their cousins, the Pandavas that led to the war of Mahabharata so long ago but still fresh in the minds of all who read the history.

What is doubly unfortunate is the fact that such a bloodshed of epic proportions could have been avoided if only Duryodhan came to his senses and had offered a compromise to the Pandavas but he didn’t so the stage was set for war that lasted 18 days and took the lives of thousands of fighters on both sides that soaked the battlefield of Kurukshetra with their blood and left their bodies for the carrion eaters. It devastated and literally decimated the Kaurava clan and all those who fought on their side because very modern weapons were used like the nuclear weapons if the historians are correct.

We are talking about an advanced civilization 5000 years ago that used atomic weapons with incredible power of destruction on a scale unimaginable today because people only think of Nagasaki and Hiroshima but believe that 5000 years ago people did not have such technologies so must be a myth that some historians cooked up to please their own ego. The left wing historians in India and elsewhere are still biased against the great Indian civilization so they downplay its past by saying that it is all myth and not real. Their view is also shared by the Western historians who still cannot accept that India had such an advanced civilization 5000 years ago in spite of mounting evidence .

They said the same thing about Ram who went to Lanka to rescue Sita who was abducted by Ravana and built a causeway from India to Lanka over which his army passed until a photograph taken by NASA showed clearly a causeway that is now under water but can still be seen.

Source : Google photo of the Ram setu or the causeway of Ram between India and Sri Lanka ( NASA satellite image )

The nature has a way to preserve the evidences that some people start calling a myth until a proof is discovered later. People said that Troy was a myth as well until Heinrich Schliemann found the burned stone walls of Troy and lots of artifacts during his digging that are now kept in a museum.

The story of Mahabharata was written down in great detail that every Hindu reads or knows about because it has acquired the importance of scripture like the Bible the Christians read all over the world. Many take it literally while others of a simpler mind take it just as a story that has been passed down to them through generations that they must read as a ritual.

Sages have said that we should know of our history to know where we came from so that we can determine our future because people who do not know their past will have a difficult time to understand what they are as a country. The only problem is that the historians are often biased so they write what pleases their mentors, India being no exception. If you care to read the Indian history, you will find how great the Mughals were and what great legacy they left behind while ignoring India’s struggle for freedom by millions of Indians who sacrificed their lives for it. They pin the medals of Independence on the likes of Gandhi and Nehru while ignoring Bose ,Vir Saverkar,Queen Lakhsmibai and Nana Saheb among numerous others who were the real heroes who brought independence to India.

So history is distorted by those who have ulterior motives to do so that needs to be corrected. The same thing goes for the myths that are shrouded in the mist of a period long past like the battle of Mahabharata or the story of Ramayana in India.

I was dumb struck by the intricate etchings on the walls of Angkor Wat that we visited a few years ago and marveled at the great details of the etchings that depicted in detail the scenes of the battle of Mahabharata. The galleries are miles long that surround the temple complex at Angkor but the art work is just as vibrant as they were when commissioned by the king there thousand years ago in spite of centuries of neglect and vandalism by the looters who caused massive damage to the complex.

The etchings or what is called the bas reliefs were done by people who had never been to India but who read the story of the Mahabharata and carved the bas relief on the stone in the gallery to depict the story in the most visual way possible. Here is a photo of the bas relief at the Angkor Wat depicting the battle of Mahabharata

Source : Google photo of the bas relief at the Angkor Wat

Sadly no such temple and bas relief exists in India anywhere today so people who have never been to Angkor have only the written text of the epic story to rely on. But with the passage of time and the advent of new technologies like satellite imagery, LIDAR radar survey and the discovery of numerous sites mentioned in the Mahabharata story have come to light where the archaeologists have started to dig to discover what lies buried for thousands of years.

It is the same way the satellite imagery, infrared photos taken by helicopters and planes flying over the thick jungle of Cambodia has uncovered the vast city and temples of Angkor, the complex irrigation system, the network of canals etc. in great detail although still covered with thick forest so it is only a matter of time, a great deal of work to clear the jungle and lots of money to bring to light what the nature has swallowed and hidden for centuries.

A similar effort is underway in India that has a great deal of written history of Mahabharata and Ramayana that is being sourced to guide the diggers on the ground who are finding astonishing relics of that period that some people still think as myth.

The nature preserves the past in a very unmistakable way that people of the future may someday find using the technologies now so a veil is being lifted to reveal the past. They have found molten silica beads in the battleground of Mahabharata indicating that the sand there melted due to extreme heat that could have come from the use of nuclear weapons.

They have found aircrafts hidden in the caves of Afghanistan that still emit strong radiation to deter anyone trying to investigate and bring these machines out. They have mentioned such aircrafts in the Mahabharata and Ramayana with detailed diagrams of the internal parts of these machines, the way the machines flew on the energy it generated. Now there is proof that such machines existed long before the present era so the scientists and the engineers are scratching their head and wondering how it was possible to make an aircraft 5000 years ago when people were supposed to be primitive as compared to the present. The Western skeptics are loathe to admit that India had a far superior civilization thousands of years ago when Europe had primitive people living in caves wearing only animal skins.

Source : Google photo of the ancient aircrafts found in Afghanistan

People still wonder how the massive 20 ton stone pieces were lifted to make the great pyramids of Giza and how they were transported from the quarries hundreds of kilometers away when they did not have the machines to cut them and lift them to a great height of the pyramids but someday they will figure this out and say that the ancients were not primitive at all. They used advance technologies in those days that illuminated inside the dark chambers of their underground crypts and have left telltale signs in their manuscripts and etchings on the walls of such technologies that we are too stupid to understand but eager to doubt.

People still wonder at the technology used by the Incas centuries ago to put together irregular shaped massive stone blocks so perfectly that you can’t insert a thin razor blade between them let alone how they lifted such stone. What machines they used to do it? How they could make astoundingly precise astronomical charts so long ago?

Source : Google photo of the Inca stone work in Peru

The city of Prayagraj previously known as Allahabad is where three rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati converge so it is the holiest place for all Hindus who bathe at the confluence called Triveni Sangam to get Nirvana. These three rivers converging at Prayag ( ancient name) was mentioned in the scriptures of Vedas but we find only Ganga and Yamuna now. So what happened to Saraswati river ? Was it only a myth?

Source : Google photo of satellite image of Saraswati river in India

Now the satellite imagery shows a green line where trees have grown that proves that the river has gone underground but provides water to the trees that have grown along its banks. It is same way for the Ram Setu or Ram’s causeway that has gone underwater between India and Sri Lanka but can be seen from NASA satellite image clearly.

We all know that human bones do not deteriorate over time so the bones of Lucy was found in Ethiopia that is hundreds of thousands of years old. Scientists now say that we all descended from Lucy and spread all over the world because her DNA has been traced and her skull was carbon dated to know that it was so old.

So the diggers at the archaeological sites in Baghpat in India have unearthed numerous artifacts that they claim to be from the Mahabharata period that includes chariot wheels, parts of the chariot, weapons such as swords, spears, shields, bones of horses and humans, gold and silver ornaments worn by the fighters in the battle of Mahabharata, potteries, beads, arrow heads etc. The chariots found are exactly the same as shown in ancient paintings of the period.

Source U tube video on archaeological site diggings in India

They are finding new items constantly while many sites still remain to be dug. They have taken the new technologies of satellite images and GPS to pinpoint certain locations where some serious diggings are going on.

The ground penetrating radar has located some crypts in Egypt that are immense in size that are still to be dug out and explored so one day they may find the burial site of Cleopatra or Alexander because people are looking for them.

India remains a treasure trove of its ancient past that is slowly coming to light so that the naysayers can see the evidence now before they shoot off their mouth and say it is all a myth. The idiots do not know that all myths contain a grain of truth that only the passage of time can expose.

Minotaur, Greek Minotauros (“Minos’s Bull”), in Greek mythology, a fabulous monster of Crete that had the body of a man and the head of a bull. In Greek mythology, Pasiphaë was a queen of Crete. She was also the mother of “star-like” Asterion, called the Minotaur. She had sex with a bull so this child by the bull was shut up in the Labyrinth created for Minos by Daedalus. This myth was shattered when they discovered the actual labyrinth in Knossos ,Crete proving that there indeed was a Minotaur that lived there. ( Wikipedia)

Source : Google photo of the Labyrinth in Knossos ,Crete

Lastly I would like to say that just because we do not yet have some evidence of our past does not mean that they do not exist so people should not negate it by saying it is all myth in a haste. The evidence is being found all over the world using new technologies just like in India that has found them proving that the battle of Mahabharat took place as mentioned in the epic story.

Why Duryodhan refused to share the kingdom with his cousins the Pandavas that led to the war and the tremendous loss of lives on both sides when land was plentiful and the population so low is perhaps a subject of future reflection but not at this time.

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