An evil nexus

Amal Chatterjee
8 min readJul 5, 2020

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Synopsis : Is it really worth living a life of crime? The criminals think so until the day comes when they can’t think anymore when it is too late to make amends. The blog looks at why some people choose the criminality as their ticket to success and the consequences that await them .

Recently a tragic thing happened in a village of India where an infamous criminal lived openly in a fort like mansion he had built that he had equipped with CCTV cameras, high wall with barbed wire on top and steel gates . He had carefully planned it and had two escape gates in case he was surrounded because he was clearly waiting for the law to catch up with him someday so he prepared himself well.

His day of reckoning came sooner than he expected because someone had filed a case against him for forcefully taking over his land and property and beat up the complainant as well so the police came to arrest him one evening . He was no ordinary criminal .He belonged to the big league and was protected by the corrupt politicians who were his godfathers and some corrupt policemen on his payroll . One such policeman tipped the criminal off about the impending raid to arrest him.

It was in the evening when the team of policemen showed up with two senior police officers and several constables all very well armed to apprehend the mafia head but they were in for a great surprise. They found their way blocked by a bulldozer parked on the narrow street so they got off their vehicles to proceed on foot but came under a hail of gunfire coming from several directions that pinned them down. Eight of the policemen died on the spot and several more seriously injured while the criminal and his companions escaped from the back door with the guns they took from the dead policemen. There were bodies everywhere and lying in their own pool of blood so it was a very planned ambush that the policemen had no knowledge of.

Soon the hell broke loose and the reporters arrived there in large numbers to live stream videos for their channels and chattering non stop trying to interview police officers and the villagers. This sort of mass murder of policemen was big news so it got the attention of the higher authorities who then moved into the quick action mode right away and surrounded the entire village , arrested scores of people for interrogation, sent hundreds of policemen to comb the surrounding villages and soon came upon two of the escapees whom they shot dead but the main culprit escaped so there is a massive manhunt going on in three adjoining states and the border of Nepal to block the escape of the fellow.

All his bank accounts were frozen and the same bulldozer that was parked in front of the house was now used to completely destroy the house, the luxury vehicles and anything of value. They gathered all the villagers and asked them what they knew about the massacre but they all said that they knew nothing, they were not there or other such excuses. Obviously they were all terrified of the mob boss and knew what would happen to them if they revealed what they knew because the fellow was ruthless and had killed scores of people before. There were some 60 criminal cases filed against him and he was currently on bail but he was back again in his village carrying out his business as usual.

The forensic team soon arrived and started gathering whatever evidence they could find and determined that the criminals had fired more than hundred rounds of high caliber bullets from machine guns and collected numerous other evidences. The investigation is going on and there is a shoot to kill order issued just in case the fellow shows up in a court somewhere to surrender so the police is not taking any chances this time. It is a well known fact that the police and the judiciary often give protection to the criminals for hefty financial consideration because there are always some bad apples.

It reminds me of the movie Godfather where the mafia got the protection from prosecution because they paid them heavily so that they could carry on their business as usual. They killed the policemen and even the judges if they did not accept bribe and proceeded to prosecute them. There was an honest prosecutor in Sicily who dared to put over 300 mafia men in jail but they laughed at him from behind the bars and their gunmen one day killed the honest prosecutor. The cases were dropped so they all walked free. It is the same story in India.

Now let me explain the nexus between the criminals, police and the politicians in India that also happens in many countries.

It starts with an evil person who gets into the business of crime early in life and becomes wealthy by gun running , contract killings, threat and intimidation of helpless people to take over their land and property by force, running drugs and prostitution etc, and gets very rich in the process. He then starts bribing those who can protect him from criminal investigation that may include the policemen, lawyers, judges and other influential people. He bribes the villagers to keep silent or threatens those who dare to speak out just like what the mafia people do.

Soon such person gets involved in politics and runs for the post of Councillor or some such post and wins because no one dares to run against him. He then quickly runs up the ladder to more important posts like a legislator or even a minister where the political parties start patronizing him. They see in him a resource person who can bring them votes in certain constituency where people fear him so they ignore his methods and protect him and his companions from judicial inquiry.

He is often charged with a crime, goes to jail for awhile where he is treated well and soon released on bail while the cases drag on for years in corrupt courts attended by corrupt lawyers and judges. This nexus between the criminal , police and the politicians is a fact of life because it has always been so. No political party in India has clean hands so they all resort to the dark Machiavellian ways to come to power that brings them untold riches and privileges. Read my blog here called The Machiavellian politics.

They become extremely powerful and handle billions of dollars of government contract from where they smugly take fat commissions. They open secret bank accounts where they deposit their ill gotten wealth often in foreign banks that do not ask questions, they start buying large properties in fake names, open up shady foundations to get funding from various sources and the money ends up in their personal accounts. They keep on inventing new ways to make scams and con the taxpayers who foot the bill. They live in massive , luxurious and free government bungalows, enjoy free travel, huge salaries, 24 hour protection by well armed security personnel paid by the government , free publicity in the news media for their next election, top jobs for their kins and relatives. etc. I could go on and on but the point is that a position of power earns great dividend in all countries , democratic or not.

In the ideal world, people vote to choose the government they want, the candidate they want who will represent them and help them by solving their problems but sadly we live in the imperfect world ruled by corrupt people who want to get elected even if they are not qualified to run for higher office so we hear of vote rigging, tampering of voting machines, purging of voter’s list, redrawing the voting districts in their favor, giving the voting rights to the illegal immigrants etc. Vote buying or outright intimidation are some other methods politicians use to get elected so they patronize the criminals who can deliver them votes. When nothing works then outright assassination of opponents works quite well.

Now it so happens that an honest person gets elected to become the chief minister who can’t be bought or intimidated so he introduces reforms in the police and the judiciary by first getting a team of honest politicians to support him and secondly coming down hard on the corruption that is eating away the taxpayer’s money and punishing those who violate the law with maximum penalty. Criminals threaten him daily because he comes down hard on them and may someday even succeed in killing him but such are the risks the politicians dare to take who want to serve the people. Remember John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby ? They too wanted to serve but paid the ultimate price.

An honest person may remain poor all his life but a dishonest person who takes the life of crime reaps huge benefits until one day the law catches up with him so I ask the question here — why some people are so easily attracted to a life of crime when there are other alternatives? I believe that one can stay honest and still succeed in life through hard work, diligence and a desire to serve. He lives with his head high and gains respect from everybody because people know that he can’t be bought and he is not afraid of anyone. Why a person should be afraid of anyone who lives a straight life, who does not lie, cheat or deceive anyone?

I think richer a country gets, more there are temptations for some unscrupulous people who start seeing a quick way to get rich. The money can then buy power, influence, protection from justice and a life of luxury and comfort. Very rich people often get away with murder so to speak because the law treats them differently than an average poor guy. People say that one should not judge a book by it’s cover that also applies to people but that is exactly what people do. They judge you by your clothes, cars, palatial house with swimming pool and the fancy Rolex you wear even if you are a full time crook.

So some people take the short cut meaning they become criminals and start enjoying all the perks it gives them with impunity until the time when they lose their impunity and end up dead. I am sure this is what is going to happen to that mafia don whom the hundreds of policemen are searching . The enraged policemen tend not to take prisoners.

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