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Source: Google photo of alien

Synopsis: We now know that aliens exist, and they frequently visit our planet perhaps to learn more about us but treating them as hostile is wrong so we should welcome them and learn about them in a very friendly manner. They have immense treasure of knowledge that the humanity can benefit from but making them angry will only bring on us the dark clouds of destruction.

We know that the word alien refers to beings who live on other planets and often seen visiting ours in their spacecrafts but in some countries like USA, they use the word aliens for non-Americans, but such usage of the word is wrong because non-Americans do not come from other planets. We know that aliens do exist because their spacecraft crashed at Roswell and their bodies were recovered by the US army and brought to their labs for postmortem. The remains of the craft were gathered and taken to a secret location to examine how it was made and of what metal. They spread the story that it was no alien craft but a weather balloon, but evidence gathered suggested otherwise including the disclosure by some scientists who worked at the secret army base in Nevada called Area 51 claiming that some aliens were captured alive and were taken to the secret base as captives to learn from them about their advance technology in building military aircrafts and super sophisticated spacecrafts that travel at the speed of light.

What the scientists found and learned from the aliens remain super-secret, but lately strange designs of fighter planes or other aircrafts show that they may have learned a thing or two about aircraft designs from them. The government still denies the existence of aliens and their technologies, but numerous photos and videos have come out that clearly show that they exist, and their spacecrafts have been seen and photographed by the commercial pilots or military pilots in various parts of the world. Many photos and videos were taken by the common people in many countries, but the governments keep their silence. This silence seems to be a part of a conspiracy to protect their business interests, but people have a right to know what they are and why their governments do not come clean on it. What are they hiding and why?

Neil Armstrong said before dying that he saw something alien in moon but was ordered by the NASA to keep quiet. The question is why the existence of aliens, and their spacecrafts are being denied by the US Government in the face of massive evidence collected worldwide by so many people. Why they are afraid to admit that there indeed are very advanced civilizations that exist in other planets that may have evolved there thousands of years before even the period of dinosaurs.?

Why they are afraid to admit that life exists in other planets that may have similar atmosphere and conditions like what we have, and we are not alone in this universe no matter what the Bible thumpers claim? This admission that the aliens are real and are smarter than us runs against all the propaganda of the fundamentalists that we are unique, and our world was created exactly 4820 years 28 days ago and even the exact time of the day depending on who is making such claims. This sort of nonsense is the bread and butter of many organized religions, but people are getting smarter now and are challenging them.

This admission that aliens exist challenges the very foundation of many religions that disturbs the propagandists everywhere who exert tremendous influence on what the government’s policy may be on the issue, so I do not blame the government of any country that are very cautious about this matter. They may have other reasons for their secrecy, but I believe that eventually the truth will come out when someday a live alien appears on TV and gives an interview to tell the whole world where they came from and how.

Space scientists have discovered many earth like planets where it is quite possible that life exists and has existed long before we came into being as primitive people living in caves. Just imagine the sophistication required to build a spacecraft that flies at the speed of light and can hover like a hummingbird and then fly away at a very high speed. If the aliens have mastered such technology that we the humans cannot even imagine, where does that leave us?

They found the remains of their spacecraft at Roswell and found that it was made of a metal that does not exist on earth. It was so thin and light, yet it could not be drilled through using a powerful drill. Eisenhower was shown a piece of this metal that made him flabbergasted. He then ordered a veil of secrecy on the matter until more could be learned on it. Eisenhower died long ago but the scientists are still searching for the answers today because this technology is beyond their comprehension. They still do not know from which planet or planets the aliens have come and how far they have traveled so quickly when we take 50 days just to reach moon and several months to reach Mars.

The NASA scientists were using slide rules to calculate the technical parameters for their moon mission in 1969 to show how primitive we were before the era of computers. Still, we claim that we have superior technology and self-congratulate but the aliens must be laughing at us.

People did not believe that during the Mahabharata period and before meaning several thousands of years ago, the Indian scientists were able to manufacture flying machines for interplanetary travel until the US soldiers found such a machine hidden inside a cave in Afghanistan. When they tried to touch it and bring it out of the cave for further examination, they received high voltage shock that killed them. The spacecraft hidden there for thousands of years was still active and was protecting itself using some sort of electronic defense mechanism that baffles the scientists today. How can they study it if they cannot even touch it? It is clear that our forefathers were in touch with the aliens and may have learned something from them to build such crafts. In the photo below you can clearly see the Viman (spacecraft) hidden in a cave in Afghanistan that the US soldiers found accidentally.

Source: Google photo of the Indian Viman found in Afghanistan

Source: Google photo of the pyramids in Giza, Cairo, Egypt

The aliens were frequent visitors in the past and may have helped build the pyramids in Egypt by teaching the humans how to build it and raise extremely heavy stone blocks to such heights. No one can figure out even today how it was built although the armchair experts make all kinds of theories that do not hold any water. If the Egyptians were able to build pyramids thousands of years ago with just their muscle power and primitive tools, then it is not difficult to believe that they received some technical help from the aliens. Nicola Tesla said that the Pyramids of Giza were built as a source of electrical power that were used for some other purpose. There are etchings on the walls of electric bulbs and intricate schematic diagrams that baffle the scientists and Egyptologists today.

The temple of Kailash in the Ellora cave complex near Aurangabad in India is another example of alien technology that people believe was used to carve a monolithic temple from top to bottom. It is a grand example of alien technology to carve such a huge temple starting at the top of the mountain but has left no rubble around. How is it possible that there are no rubbles that must be in millions of tons? I have seen the pyramids and the Kailash temple but have no answers. Only I am stupefied at what I saw because the scale of these monuments was mindboggling to say the least.

Source: Google photo of Kailash temple in Ellora cave complex in India

Stephen Hawking warned the world that the aliens are real, and they are keeping a close eye on us to know what mischief we are all up to. They know about the constant warfare we insist on, how we are responsible for the drastic climate change, pollution of the land and sea, ozone later depletion, the destruction of our forests to satisfy the greed of the capitalists, insane depletion of the marine animals and fish to satisfy the ever growing need to feed the growing population, the abuse of the environment etc. We are slowly destroying our own planet to satisfy our greed while the mother Earth is constantly giving us warning that we must stop or else the drought and famines will become more widespread, the floods will become more devastating, the forest fires will become more frequent, the sea water level will continue to rise to inundate numerous coastal cities and communities.

The mother nature warns us to behave in earth friendly manner, but we refuse to learn from her warnings and continue to do what is so destructive. The wars and famines are caused by greedy industrialists who make money from wars and calamities, so they are not interested in doing what is good for our planet and its inhabitants.

The aliens are watching us and sending us messages to behave but we either ignore them and their messages or we deny their existence due to the pressure of the religionists and the rich people who want to get richer at the cost of the misery of the poor people.

If any government helps the poor citizens with free education, free health care and decent housing, it is labeled as communist and all sorts of sanctions are imposed on it by the rich countries, Cuba being a good example that still suffers the effect of sanctions.

The slavery, the tyranny and dictatorship that exist in many parts, the suffering of its people and the massive dislocation of people who seek safer haven because of constant war in many countries are being noted by the aliens.

The Moon missions have found evidence that suggests that there are signs of aliens there who have warned that people from Earth are not welcome there so they may take defensive actions if they feel threatened by the Earth people. The scientists have found strange lights on the Moon that may be artificial meaning the Aliens may have colonies there. The landing of Chandrayan 3 last night on its south pole of Moon may reveal more secrets to the ISRO scientists in India in the coming days and months that may surprise us, but I will not be surprised.

The Moon is barren but has water and may have large deposits of precious minerals, but it is a very inhospitable place to live in so the aliens there may be using it as an observation post from where they can keep an eye on us and nothing more. It is not difficult for them to find a planet or many planets that offer very hospitable place to live in so it is likely that there are many inhabited planets in our solar system or in other systems that we know nothing about. The theory of universe is now being challenged by many prominent scientists who believe that many universes or multiverses may exist where life may exist and where it may have started millions of years ahead of our planet. In what shape or form the life exists there or may have developed, we do not know because we do not have the ability to travel from planet to planet but brag about the Moon landing of our robots.

Source: Google photo of an alien spacecraft

The aliens must be laughing at our primitive technology because their spacecrafts can travel at the speed of light from one planet to another while we are sending missions of Moon or Mars that fail to land properly there but add to the pollution by leaving behind our debris. We are not satisfied that we pollute our earth but now export our junk to other planets as well. The amount of money the countries spend on space missions can take care of the global hunger and housing shortage but that is not their priority. The amount of money many countries spend on wars in other countries can rebuild many poor countries into very prosperous ones that can contribute to the global economy but that is not their priority. ( Read my blog here called Mysteries of the universe and aliens )

We have no doubt come a long way from the era of Da Vinci and Galileo when saying that earth orbited around sun was a crime, but we still have a long way to go before we learn about the aliens and their civilization, their technologies and their history. The secrets of the Area 51 in Nevada may one day become public knowledge and the poor aliens kept there as prisoners may be released to come out and tell their story to the whole world. We have nothing to lose by meeting them and learn about them because it will promote friendship with them and they in return may help us with their technologies to improve our world to make everyone happy. We can then live in peace and will not be patted at the airports and hassled.

However, if we continue to treat the aliens as hostile, capture them and treat them worse than animals just to learn their secrets, they may communicate with their brothers and sisters who may come to their rescue and flatten the whole base or cities to take revenge. Stefen Hawking was right when he said that we should never mess with the aliens because they may possess the power to destroy the earth and push us back to the stone age if they are angry with us.

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