A shameful secret

Amal Chatterjee
11 min readSep 18, 2020


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Synopsis : The movie world of glamour and glitter is not what it really is. It is an industry that is controlled by a few rich people who may have underworld connections. It is awash with drugs, sex and criminal activities that take place in remote private farm houses or resorts where they hold parties for a selected few and where anything goes. It is an industry where nepotism is the practice and where women end up paying a high price for even a minor role in movies. The blog looks at the sad story of two young actor and actress who were murdered in cold blood so read the whole story below.

There was a bright young man from an ordinary family who looked like Apollo . He had a dream that one day he will go to Bollywood and try his luck in the movie industry there. At first he was ignored by the industry but his looks, his height and his star like personality won some of them to take a second look at this young man and one director asked him for a screen audition. They were very impressed by what they found and saw in him great possibilities.

He was a rough diamond that just needed to be polished to shine in all his brilliance so now some people in Bollywood came forward to groom him , polish him and teach him the ropes of the industry so that he can someday become a great star. Women were terribly attracted to his good looks and his simple countryside charm and innocence because he had come from humble background and was not corrupted by the money and glamour of Bollywood.

His first movie role was a success and people loved him, his acting prowess and charm. Now the big time producers and directors woke up and started making a bee line to his house because they could sense that this young man will go far and make a great deal of money for them. The movie industry is a cut throat industry where big money lenders called producers are only interested in making mega bucks for their investment. They are not interested in any star that makes flop movies no matter how attractive he or she may be.

Mumbai is a city that attracts young men and women from all over the country who want to try their luck there. There are young aspirants who have talent in writing music, acting and other related abilities so they all go to Mumbai and try but they find out that the movie industry is a tough nut to crack where the outsiders are looked at with suspicion and disdain no matter how talented the person may be. You need a mentor to succeed in Mumbai who will introduce you to the important people who run the industry. It is the same in Hollywood or any other Wood in the world.

I have written about Naushad who came from a poor family but wanted to become a music director so he went to Mumbai and struggled for a long time and often went hungry sleeping on the sidewalk before he got a break. He would go on to become a great music director in the film industry .

Naushad was lucky but I suppose it was more due to his tenacity because he struggled on until a door opened for him. It would have been easier for him if he had a mentor to guide him through the swamp that is Bollywood so it was to his great credit that he became a great music director so people forgot how much he had to struggle to get there but he never forgot.

The new star in the making got his big break because someone noticed him and believed that he could become a great actor given a bit of help. Now his movie success was mainly due to his fans across the country who loved him and waited for his next movie. He then found his first love in a beautiful actress who had worked with him in a hit movie so their romance blossomed and they got married, moved into a big house and started living a blissful married life and bought all the comforts his money could buy.

But his blissful life did not sit well with some women who were also making plans on him so one of them started flirting with him causing a rift between him and his wife that ended his first marriage. The Bollywood temptation made him a victim although he was not the only one. Bollywood is full of women who constantly seek money and sex so it does not matter who their victims are. Women openly admit that they had to have sex with the producer or someone before they got a movie role no matter how short so it reminds me of the fellow in Hollywood who ended up in jail for exploiting young actresses sexually. Later these abused women started the Me too movement to expose the wrongdoers.

Bollywood also has casting couches that rival the ones in Hollywood in notoriety but no casting director ever goes to jail. Women are timid or too scared to come out to expose them.

Now a young woman who was flirting with the actor moved in with him and replaced all his staff like cooks, servants and guards with her own people to gain total control of his household. She gave him drugs secretly by mixing it with drinks so the star always felt tired and slept while this woman wrote checks with forged signature of him and drained his account of millions of Rupees. She spent his money lavishly on cars, foreign trips and luxury apartments she bought for herself , her parents and brother but mostly on drugs that she bought and peddled in the movie industry.

She cut off his family from him by deleting their calls and made his sister wait for hours and then told her that he is still asleep. He was now completely controlled by this woman although he realized what she was doing to him and protested but she kept poisoning his food with drugs so his health deteriorated, his work in movies stopped and he felt very weak and sick most of the time.

Now the woman brought in a fake priest who knew some black magic to give this star some of his voodoo potion to cure him of his “madness” so the crook took some money and disappeared because he knew that the star was not insane. All this people will be caught later on but I am coming to that part a bit later.

Now a beautiful actress who became his friend through mutual contact came but was resented by the resident evil so she made plans for her. The star had a weekend farm house away from the city where he and his selected friends went to relax and swim in the lake nearby. The star was a health buff who liked to swim, jog and do a lot of exercise to stay fit and healthy. He never took drugs or alcohol .

One day he received a frantic call from her when she said that some people are threatening her life for some reason so he was very alarmed and stunned when few days later her nude body was found on the pavement with severe marks of abuse on her body. The police said that she had jumped from her 14th floor balcony so it was a suicide but could not explain why there were bruises all over her body and why she was nude when she jumped. There was no autopsy and the whole case was closed because the police said that it was suicide but the public was not convinced.

Now the star saw that his own life was in danger because he had figured out what really happened to his friend through his sources. They told him that there was a party at the apartment where drugs and sex was the theme and attended by a number of prominent people. They gang raped the actress and then threw her nude body over the balcony. He even knew their identity so he was worried about himself now.

He sent his live in partner home because he felt that she was poisoning him and draining his account of all his money but she secretly came back, gave him drugs secretly and let in four or five assailants who injected more drugs in his neck and in his feet so he became unconscious. Then they strangled him and hung his body from the ceiling fan to show that he had taken his own life. They forgot about his loyal dog that they had chained but the dog saw everything and growled seeing his master being attacked. Later this dog would identify all the culprits when their photos were shown to him. He would growl viciously and tear up the photos.

Then the criminals took out all the hard disks, CCTV footage and other things that could implicate them and had the room painted to remove all traces of the crime. They also deleted the messages from their cell phones.

The evil woman was a participant in the crime because she was the one who called the others because the drug mafia had ordered her to kill the star who knew too much and could implicate them.

The police again declared it a suicide and wanted to close the case but this time the Netizens nationwide who were his fans bristled in rage over this whitewash and appealed to the Prime Minister to let the Central Bureau of investigation (CBI ) to investigate and catch all the criminals. They cried for justice for their beloved star because they did not believe that he was depressed and committed suicide.

So under tremendous pressure the CBI team was ordered to investigate so they arrived with very senior officers, their forensic team and their mandate to solve the crime if it was indeed a crime.

The Delhi government also sent the Narcotic Control Board or NCB people who arrived to investigate the drug angle and started their thorough investigation. They checked the autopsy report but were not satisfied by the answers the doctors gave so a special team of doctors arrived from Delhi to investigate to decide if it was a suicide or outright murder. Their findings were made public when they all certified that the actor was killed. Now the forensic team got busy and started to collect evidences.

The nabbed all the cell phones of the suspects to down load the data , they checked the bank records of the evil woman and interrogated numerous people . The CBI team questioned them for hours and days until someone cracked under the pressure and started spilling the beans. They found finger prints, foot prints and blood stains. They found the cloth that the victim had supposedly hung himself with and they interrogated the evil woman for days until she broke and admitted her part in the crime.

She admitted that she was a user and buying drugs using the actor’s money and also supplying the Bollywood movie people so she named her suppliers who were promptly arrested. She named 47 Bollywood people whom she supplied with drugs . She was then arrested and sent to a jail for women where the female inmates beat her up badly because they were the fans of the dead actor. Her interrogation in jail continues because she has not yet accounted for all the millions of Rupees she stole but she did admit that her whole family takes drugs so her father is now in jail. With drug dealing charges, being complicit in the murder, stealing of money to buy properties and cars etc. and money laundering charges , she will stay in jail for a very long time or may face the noose.

Her brother was also a partner in crime because he was a drug user and peddler so he was arrested. The amount of information the suspects spilled under interrogation is astounding. They said that politicians, movie people, police and drug dealer mafia among others were all complicit in the murder of the actor and also the poor girl who was killed earlier. Now the CBI team found out that the two murders were connected so they arrested a number of people.

Now there is panic in the movie world because many big names have been spilled and some have been arrested already while others are fleeing the country daily to escape the jail that awaits them. The Bollywood movie world is awash in drugs so they go to parties where drugs are taken and free sex with aspiring females is common. They also swap their partners after taking drugs and the females may have sex with many. This is how the first actress became a victim who was gang raped.

The Bollywood movie world is not all glitter and glamour. It is a vicious world of very rich actors and actresses, producers, directors and such who control the industry. It is a huge industry that produces over 1000 movies a year that are shown in many countries and all of India generating huge profit for them. It is also an industry awash in black money provided by the mafia that also supplies the drugs and decides who will become a star and who will not. The movie producers pay taxes on their profit so their black money funded movies become legitimate that turns black money into white money. This black money does not pass through any banks but through an underground system so no one may know the provenance.

The Bollywood people are well known for their nepotism and promotion of their family members without an iota of shame so they do not like to welcome new comers who come from the provinces to make a name for themselves. This is exactly what happened to the star in this story who was murdered because he knew too much and also becoming a big star therefore became a risk that had to be eliminated. No new comer must outshine the Bollywood stars who have sky high ego but are basically very low class people who have underworld connections. If only their fans knew their true identity, they would stop watching their movies.

They gather in remote farm houses for such parties but forget to remove the CCTV footage so more evidences are being gathered. You will be surprised how much the guards or the servants know so they too have been interrogated to gather more names and evidences.

The Mumbai police is also under investigation to find out why they lied about the murder and why they did not file a case of murder, collect evidences and nab the suspects as it was their job so more heads will roll and some will end up in jail. How many politicians are involved in crime will emerge in due time so they too will pay a price and may end up in jail.

The Bollywood people pay the police to protect their interest in case some actors or actresses are involved in some shady activities. The combination of drug, booze and free sex is a lethal combination that produces dead bodies from time to time so the complicit policemen jump in to declare them suicides and close the case but not this time. This evil nexus of the movie people, policemen, the politicians and the drug dealers of the mafia has made Bollywood an evil industry not unlike Hollywood. Remember Black Dahlia and Natalie Wood who died so mysteriously there? The Bollywood and the Hollywood people all try to hide their shameful secrets but not for long.

Now such crimes will be investigated and the culprits will be punished so that the dead actor or his living relatives will receive justice.

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