A child prodigy called Antara

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Synopsis : This blog is about a child prodigy who sings very well and was trained by her famous father. It is a video that gives the lyrics in English so that you can understand.

Antara Chowdhury is a household name in India but very few outside India have heard of her and her songs. She is the daughter of Salil Chowdhury who is a legend in India. He wrote songs and created the tunes for numerous movies and made numerous hit songs that are popular in Bengali and Hindi. He was a poet, playwright and the well-known music director who wrote the lyrics of the song below that Antara at the age of seven sang and it became an instant hit.

She recorded many children’s songs that her illustrious father wrote for her and left a lasting legacy in the music world in India. Salil Chowdhury is no more but his music lives in his pretty daughter who is now a young lady.

I now give you her most popular song called O sona Byang O kola Byang and give you the line by line translation in English. Just copy and paste the video link given below into your browser and listen to her songs and follow the English translation.

Lyrics of O Sona byang O kola Byang

O sona byang O kola byang

O Golden frog, O kola frog

O sona byang O kola byang

O golden frog ,O kola frog

Sara raat hende golai dakis ghangor ghang

you call all night in bad voice ghangor ghang

Tora ki gola sadhis ni tora ki nara bandhis ni

Have you not taken voice lessons

Ay chole ay amaar katche sikhie debo gaan

Come to me I will teach you how to sing

Balo to balo na balo to

Say now, say now

Pa pa dha pa pa pa dha pa re ga ma dha pa pa

Pa pa dha pa…

Very good Kola bang tumio bolo

Very good Kola bang you too sing

Ba ba re ba ba re baa

Bah bah re bah


Sarata din lompo jhompo bondo kore dao

Stop jumping around whole day

Tanpuratay surti bendhe rewaj kore jao

Practice singing using the tanpura

Ma bolbe bhalo meye sona kola bang

Ma will say sona bang is a good girl

Ta jodi na koro tobe bhangbo tomar thang

I will break your legs if you don’t

Balo to sa re ga ma pa pa dha pa

Say sa re ga ma …

Ba ba re ba ba re baa

Bah bah re bah


O sona bang O kola bang ( refrain)

O sona bang O kola bang ( refrain)

Balo to balo na pa pa dha pa

Say it say now pa pa dha pa….

Ba ba re ba ba re baa

Bah bah re bah


Sammelane gaiben khan sagid sona bang

Sona bang will sing in a concert

Sangate sangite thaken pundit kola bang

Pundit Kola bang will accompany with beat

Tomra sobai sunte esho kola banger gaan

You should all come to hear the songs of Kola frog

Are sunbe gaaner sheshe nana rokom taan

and will hear many tunes at the end

Sunie dao sunie dao

Let them hear you let them hear you

Dha dha dhin dha ….

Dha dha dhin dha….

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