Source : Google photo of Gothic style cathedral in my home town

Synopsis : The connection we feel to our birth place is universal but this connection depends on the link we maintained with the people we knew there. When this link is broken due to reasons beyond our control, the connection weakens and in some cases disappears. Still a feeling for our roots persists even after a long time.

We all belong somewhere and have our roots in our ville natale that we can never forget. It is in our home town we grew up, played with our childhood…

Source : Google photo of beautiful houses made with compressed earth bricks in India.

Synopsis : There are people who are homeless who sleep on the sidewalks of major cities in the world. They shiver in the cold and get wet whenever it rains so they do not have any protection from the elements. People in cars pass by but just ignore them because it is not their problem. So whose problem is it? Can’t the rich countries shelter their homeless population.? The blog looks at the answers to this issue in a meaningful way.

I have written earlier about…

Source : Google photo of piggy bank saving

Synopsis : It takes a determined effort to save for your old age but most people do not pay enough attention to it resulting in their old age dependency on their children. The blog emphasizes the need for saving during your employment years that will allow you to live with dignity and pride until you close your eyes someday.

I have known horror stories of old people who were mistreated by their own sons or daughters so they sought sanctuary in old age homes somewhere. Often such people are found waiting at…

Source : Google photo

Synopsis : Some people think that being deceitful works to their advantage but it doesn’t. It always comes back to bite them because sooner or later they get caught. The culture of deceit drags people down the well they can’t escape from.

There was an Indian who watched a milk delivery man in a rural England village who brought in bottles of pure milk and left it at the doorsteps of houses while collecting the empty bottles. …

Source : Google photo of heaven and hell

Synopsis: People always talk about heaven and hell but most pay only lip service to the words when mentioned by religionists. I think one should really try to understand what it really means and how one can make a heaven or hell for himself right here in this world.

Long before the advent of organized religions, the primitive man had the notion of divinity and all that it meant in their daily life. …

Source : Google photo of marriage in the Western culture

Synopsis : The idea of traditional marriage with all its rituals and fanfare has come under some pressure in many societies where the young people have started to question the validity and the sanctity it proposes .They say that it is not necessary to get married so they choose the live in relationships that frees them from legal entanglements if and when they decide to split. The blog looks at the reasons why most people still believe in the sanctity of marriage because they believe in the institution of marriage.

Source : Google photo of Rumanian orphans waiting for adoption

Synopsis: The issue of surrogacy comes to light because of the advances in the medical technology that makes it possible. Yet it remains a taboo subject in many societies where women prefer to make their own kids whether or not they are financially fit to do so. This results in the population explosion in the poorer class in any country where their biological need overrides the financial and social worries. This blog looks at the option of adoption of orphans as a way to help millions of such children.

Yesterday I was watching a Hindi movie where an American couple…

Source : Google photo of Akiane Kramarik

We have heard of child prodigies in many countries who can do extraordinary things like singing, playing musical instruments, do complicated mathematics or painting. They are the gifted children who show their extraordinary talent at an age when most children play with their toys and babble incoherent words or may draw some crude sketches with their crayons that their parents show around with great pride.

Rarely such children amount to anything more than ordinary no matter what their parents think of them. They are not born with the gift that the prodigies have…

Source: Google photo of Khanh Ly

Source : Google photo

Synopsis : She was a young teenager during the war in Vietnam who sang the songs of war and tragedy, of yearning for peace and mourned all the death and destruction through her soulful songs that made her famous in Vietnam so I thought of introducing her to the world and present to you one of her most loved songs.

There was a young beautiful girl called Khanh Ly in Vietnam. She had a haunting voice and mesmerized people with her tragic songs about the war in Vietnam in 1967…

Source : Google photo of an abused Native Australian child

Synopsis : It is sad that the so called religious people who demand respect are the ones who abuse the children and women in need. There is a worldwide condemnation of the clergy, priests and nuns who have mistreated and continue to mistreat the poor, the young and the vulnerable in the name of helping them. This story should shock you if you are a decent person and have compassion for the abused people anywhere

The native population of many countries have suffered in the hands of the white people…

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